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4 min readDec 19, 2021


The time has come for our SPACE NFT Sale! As a reminder, SPACE NFTs allow players to expand their Time Machine and unlock unique gameplay features like new portals, extra rooms, specialized crafting areas, and token loot.

Our SPACE NFT sale will begin on:

📅 December 21st at 5pm EST.

Note: You can create, fund, and submit identity verification for your account before the sale begins. We accept USDC deposits or credit card checkout.

Before we get into details about the sale, we would like to address the recent VIP Early Access Pass sale we had on December 14th. We were astonished by the community’s support for the new marketplace. However, we recognize that not everyone was able to get their hands on a pass. As a result, we will be sticking to having 60,000 SPACE NFTs for this sale, ensuring enough supply for all our fans. We’ll also be allowing players to pick the size and rarity that they would like to purchase.

We’re also introducing a few updates to our marketplace, including withdrawal of funds via crypto! We’ve also enhanced our ability to handle a large influx of users, introduced bank wire deposits, and enabled the ability to use a 2FA authenticator app to secure your account. These features will be live in time for our sale on Tuesday.

Which SPACE NFT is right for you?

SPACE NFTs come in a variety of sizes and rarities. The rarer and larger the SPACE, the more features it can support. Bigger and less common SPACE upgrades allow you to build more Forges and summon more Time Keepers — a key step in accessing token drops. But all types of SPACE allow you to enlarge the playable area of your Time Machine, which you can decorate and re-theme as you see fit. You can connect multiple SPACEs together to customize the layout of your Time Machine, and we expect most players to mix and match a variety of sizes and rarities.

SPACE is a limited resource. For our first public sale, we will be making 60,000 units, or 10% of the total supply, available and up for grabs. SPACE is a very rare loot drop, and the total supply will last for a few years. SPACE can be obtained as in-game loot, or purchased from one of our sales or on the secondary market. Our first-ever SPACE sale starts on December 21st, at which time 10% of our total inventory will be made available. Please see the following chart for a more detailed breakdown:

In order to purchase SPACE, you’ll need to sign up for our marketplace. Outlined below is the step-by-step process to ensure you can secure some SPACE NFTs!

SPACE Purchasing

  1. The first step is creating an account, you’ll need to head to, and sign in using a Google account. From here, you can now select a username and Setup 2-Factor Authentication.
  2. To add to your balance, click on your profile icon in the top right. To top up your account balance with crypto, click “add funds”, and then “crypto deposit”. Remember that for this specific sale, our marketplace only supports USDC deposits, though we aim to add ETH support in the near future. Follow the instructions to finish your deposit. To wire funds from your bank, click on “add funds” and then “Bank Account”. Remember that wire transfers from your bank may take 1–2 business days, depending on your bank. If you plan on accumulating more than $10,000 by selling your NFTs or deposits, credit card purchases exceeding $3,000, or a wallet balance over $2,000, you’ll need to verify your identity. You can do so by clicking your user icon in the top right, and clicking on “profile”. From here, select “identity verification” to start the process and follow the on-screen instructions. If you plan on going for a big-ticket SPACE NFT, you will most likely need to go through this process.
  3. To purchase space, navigate to the homepage, and select the SPACE NFT you’d like to purchase. From the SPACE product page, you can now select the amount of SPACE you’d like to purchase
  4. From here you can click checkout. If you’d like, you can even use a credit card to purchase your SPACE NFT, however, depositing funds beforehand is quicker and recommended.

If your purchase was successful, you’ll receive an email receipt.

As a reminder, the Big Time SPACE Sale will be on December 21st at 5pm EST. We’ll see you there!



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