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The Story of Big Time

Big Time Story Timeline

Time is dying! A dangerous force ripples throughout history, causing strange and uncontrollable changes. Different eras collide, while others are twisted beyond recognition. If the damage isn’t contained, and soon, the resulting destruction could wipe out reality as we know it.

As these troubles escalate, many flee to the last refuge in the universe — a place known only as TIME’S END. This tiny planetoid quickly becomes overcrowded with survivors from across time and space. As a solution to the overpopulation crisis, one enterprising company begins offering utopia on demand… assuming you can pay for it, that is.

Enter PARADOX CORPORATE, “the company that owns time.” Led by the charismatic visionary Conrad Cincade, Paradox sells TIMESHARES — pocket universes in which anything is possible. Want to ride dinosaurs in the Old West, or stalk robot samurai through cherry-blossom orchards in feudal Japan? Paradox can take you there. Turns out, people are willing to pay just about anything to escape their own existence, making Paradox the most successful company in history. Recently, some residents have begun to blame Paradox for the troubles with time. In a strongly worded press release, Paradox denies any culpability for these events, and moreover, claims that nothing can be done to stop it.

Unwilling to surrender to fate, the greatest minds from history gather in Time’s End. Together, they found EVERMORE ACADEMY — an institution devoted to the defense of time itself. Leading this noble endeavor is none other than ALBERT EINSTEIN, the famed scientist who serves as Evermore’s headmaster. Einstein’s intelligence and determination prove indispensable as he assembles the greatest heroes ever known to tackle the most important mission of their lives.

And that’s where you come in. In Big Time, you play as a time traveler who’s been summoned to the end of the universe, to take part in the greatest adventure in human history. Your journey will send you to the farthest reaches of time and space, where you’ll encounter ancient mysteries, terrifying dangers, and even a few familiar faces.

We’re eager to share more details about this journey over the coming months. History is a big place after all, and we’ve only begun to explore the possibilities. As always… keep an eye on our social media channels for the latest updates. We’ll see you in the future.

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We are Big Time Studios, a new game company dedicated to crafting online adventures through space and time.

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Big Time

Big Time

We are Big Time Studios, a new game company dedicated to crafting online adventures through space and time.

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