Another life-changing 7ETH won!

CryptoDozer player BimsBet joins our CryptoRich Club!

More gargantuan news! We’ve made another CryptoDozer player incredibly happy with a massive, ginormous, stupendous 7ETH win!

We’ve been wanting to give out more ETH hoping that our next big winner was just around the corner and here it is! Another 7ETH given out to a fantastic player.

We’ve had other big wins, so this is one more feather in our cap. check out two big winners from before!

This the second time our rainbow pal Lei has appeared so well done to player BimsBet for scooping this fantastic prize! Let’s learn a bit more about the guy behind the nickname!

Here I go then! My non-player name is TJ Harris. I live in Tasmania, Australia. I am just an everyday type of man. I make a living with one of the hardest jobs I have ever done, Cutting Firewood. A True laborers job. So this 7ETH doll is a blessing, it would equal about 20 loads, around 50 meters of Firewood. That would equal a minimum of 8 weeks work. I spend my spare time on sports and checking out the world of Crypto. When the Lei Doll dropped into my tray I let out a Big “You Beauty”, waking my fiancé, Jodie. She’s not normally interested in this type of thing but even she had to come over and watch it fall off the end of the tray and into my bank!

Wow, sounds like the 7ETH saves BimsBet a massive amount of hard work, chopping firewood or collecting Cute CryptoDolls…. I think we know which is an easier job!

But it's great to know that while Bimsbet works hard, he’s not calling himself a crypto expert, just shows you that as we say you don't have to be a crypto expert to be the next Crypto Rich with CryptoDozer.

BimsBet and his Cute pals — Puss the cat, Phoenix, the bird & Karma the Dog

BimsBet gave us a bit more about how he came across CrptoDozer, and what it is that makes him play.

I found out about CryptoDozer just through a banner add on Coin Market Cap, I’d never played this kind of dozer game before, so I thought I would give it a go. Since then I’ve played it nearly every day. I think it’s the game’s style that attracts me most, and of course the chance to win big! Even before I won big I’ve been telling others about the game, it’s so straight forward anybody could learn to play. I keep playing CryptoDozer for a chance to win BIG and I did! yay!

It’s fantastic news for the players of CryptoDozer, our high-value CryptoDolls are out there and being won. Will you join them and move into the club of CryptoRich?

“This is fantastic, just want we want! More CryptoDozer players earning real ETH. Every win is special but this one is one of the big ones. It’s amazing to think with just this one CryptoDoll BimsBet has earned what h normally would in 8 weeks of seriously hard work.
It’s great that people are not only playing but are earning ETH with CryptoDozer. Giving away another seven ETH in just one doll, to one lucky player is fantastic! Well done to another serious doll winner, a player.”
- PlayDapp Team.

The seven ETH doll is just one of a number of high-value CryptoDolls players can collect in CryptoDozer. With some CryptoDolls worth 10 or 30ETH as well as the ultimate 70ETH doll all waiting to be won there are plenty of chances for players to earn some serious ETH with CryptoDozer!

BimsBest also had some more thoughts on CryptoDozer and his big win, so let's let him talk a bit more about what it was like and his thoughts on CryptoDozer!

CryptoDozer: What did you think when you saw Lei dropping for you?
BimsBet: I woke the misses up while she was sleeping with a loud “You Beauty!”, that was my initial impression of seeing that Lei CryptoDoll come dropping down.
CryptoDozer: Why are you playing CryptoDozer, is there one thing that really stands out?
BimsBet: I play CryptoDozer as it has the excitement of getting some high price CryptoDoll and the chance to win BIG, BIG ETH!
CryptoDozer: Do you play any other Crypto games?
BimsBet: This is basically the first crypto game I have ever played, I normally stick to the non-crypto world, and do a little bit of punting. But I liked the game and got attracted to the prizes on offer!
CryptoDozer: Do you have a specific game suggestion?
BimsBet: Yes, the Keys I’d like to see maybe a reduction in the price of the key or even better add a key as a winning option on the free spin ( Rare & Unique Keys)!
CryptoDozer: Any big plans for the big 7ETH win?
BimsBet: Keep Playing and try and get another Gold Doll.
CryptoDozer: Did you use any specific tricks to guarantee the CryptoDoll was collected safely?
BimsBet: Actually no, I just used a wall to keep in going down straight! Risky, but it worked!

With CryptoDolls worth amazing values and fantastic gameplay, CryptoDozer has plenty to entertain. Whether you’re chasing one of those staggeringly valuable Gold CryptoDolls — worth seven, 10, or 30ETH — or just playing for fun it’s guaranteed to be a good time.

Of course, we should all keep our eyes open looking for one of those colossal 70ETH CryptoDolls. As our latest big winner shows you don’t have to be a crypto expert to be the next CryptoRich!

Do you think you can join BimsBet as one of our big ETH winners? There are plenty of high-value CryptoDolls, with serious amounts of ETH. Play CryptoDozer now for your chance to win:


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