Another massive 10ETH won!

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Jun 12 · 3 min read

Another Player joins the CryptoRich Club with a 10 ETH win! — worth over $2,000

Hi CryptoDozers,

Awesome news! Another player has joined CryptoDozer’s CryptoRich Club! One skillful player has collected themselves the second biggest Gold CryptoDoll — a monster 10ETH with our Pam CryptoDoll.

Currently worth over $2,000 this is a monumental amount! All from playing a blockchain game. Pam is just one of a number of super valuable CryptoDolls, each one waiting to be collected and exchanged for ETH.

With the ultimate CryptoDoll being worth 70ETH will you be the one to collect a serious amount of ETH and join the CryptoRich Club?

CryptoDozer got in touch with our latest big winner and we can’t wait to share what they said with you! So it's over to GoodUsername to hear the, surprisingly relaxed, story of winning 10ETH!

My real name is Cole, but I go by the in-game nickname of GoodUsername. I’ve been quite lucky with CryptoDozer and been in the daily Top Ten a few times. When I’m not playing CryptoDozer, I work as a Web & Graphic Designer in the United States. I’d say I’ve been interested in the Crypto scene for around three years, trying out the latest and greatest creations inspired by the crypto community.

For me, CryptoDozer is a fun thing to play and way to use my tokens besides HODL! The thrill of a big win is also a big draw and this 10ETH is awesome!

CryptoDozer: What went through your mind when you saw that Pam CryptoDoll come down?

GoodUsername: Did that really happen? I had to double check the collection list to make sure that I really was looking at 10ETH!

CryptoDozer: Why do you keep playing CryptoDozer?

GoodUsername: It’s a great way to wind down for the night, dropping those coins can be ultra-relaxing. For me, the simplicity of the basics of CryptoDozer is one of its best bits. I can let myself zone-out a bit and play for a while.

CryptoDozer: Did you use any special tricks to guarantee that you collected that monster ETH?

GoodUsername: I was lucky, I didn’t need to use that much skill to collect this ETH, but I did use a few walls just to guarantee safety.

I found out about CryptoDozer by just browsing ETH games while learning about Tokens. I decided to try it, as years back I had a Coin Dozer iPhone game I played on my downtime. CryptoDozer brought me back to those times! CryptoDozer is just really relaxing way to spend my evenings.

CryptoDozer: What is it about CryptoDozer that makes CryptoDozer stand out?

GoodUsername: For me, the artwork is really nice and helps the game stand out. It also feels Playful and Fun — not just the game but the support content as well. And the game is really simple to use and play.

CryptoDozer: What in-game item do you find yourself wanting the most?

GoodUsername: I want them all! I’ve also bought a good amount of Keys that would be my main investment in the game.

I play CryptoDozer daily, logging in and getting my Prime Rewards. CryptoDozer keeps me playing longer than the other crypto games I play.

With my winnings, I’m going to hide it under my mattress! — just kidding! This win means that I’m one more step closer to ultimately paying off student loans and getting to enjoy the smaller things in life!

All in all, it sounds like GoodUsername barely broke a sweat collecting that monster 10ETH. An incredibly relaxed way to join the CryptoRich Club. Congratulations again and we hope that all of you are having just as a relaxing time collecting that ETH.

As Pam is one of our Gold Dolls, she’s quite special and quite a rare drop, so well done to our second collector. You’ve made some serious ETH!

CryptoDozer users are earning ETH every day and every successful CryptoDoll collected is great news. However, this 10 ETH doll is something special and we can’t wait to give out more!

All CryptoDozer CryptoDolls are out there waiting to be won again and again, can you collect the 3rd PAM doll? Or even one of the ultimate 70 ETH CryptoDolls?

It’s Playtime!

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