This is it! 7 days of winners!

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Jun 10 · 3 min read

Who made big ETH in the last 7days?

Hi, CryptoDozer rich!

The last seven days have seen some fantastic ETH collection by our CryptoDozer players in just one week you guys won over 35ETH that’s over $8,000 Dollars won!

Our top seven players for the week managed to collect over 8ETH themselves, fantastic work by everyone! The good news didn't stop there, however, as we saw even more ETH being given away. Over 11ETH was given to Unicef New Zealand in our first ever CryptoDoll Donation giveaway!

Check out that and the plans we have for the Donation scheme in our medium article.

In total CryptoDozer gave out over 46ETH — around $10,000. It’s amazing to know that not only are we making people CryptoRich but we’re also doing it regularly!

While we didn't see another 70ETH won, we did give out some great ETH to our players, so let's check it out.

CryptDozer’s best players for 06.03–06.09.19

Our CryptoDozer players had a bit of a mid-week lul but four out of seven days saw over 5ETH being exchanged by players- awesome!

GoodUsername gets a big shout out for exchanging the most ETH in the week, with a monster 2.928ETH being exchanged by them alone! Hot on their heels was Hatter who managed to collect over 1.110ETH midweek.

The Dozer machine must have been a bit tired after that as we had a slow day. That didn’t stop Panda — one of our featured players — who managed to get themselves just shy of one ETH.

Then the rest of the week kept climbing, with bigger and bigger individual ETH, chetsacv got themselves 0.720 then newparadigm nabbed 1.00ETH and of course, we ended on a massive 2.928ETH by GoodUsername.

Congratulations to all in this week’s best exchanges, if you didn’t make it this week maybe you’ll be one join the CryptoRich this week!

It was a great week for those using cryptoDozer Prime, with some big coin wins making their game even better! However, the ultimate 70 ETH CryptoDoll is still out there waiting to be won by one skillful player, will you do it this week?

Even if both the 30ETH & 70ETH CryptoDolls eluded you, they are just the first to be won. The best thing about CryptoDozer is that all of our CryptoDolls can be won again and again.

Play CryptoDozer now for your chance to win:

It’s Playtime!

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