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Jun 14 · 7 min read

What’s happened and what about DozerBird?

Hi CryptoDozers!

It’s been a while since we checked in with all that's been happening with CryptoDozer, so let's take a quick look at all the recent big news!

Read on for all the recent big news and a special DozerBird announcement!

Winner, winner chicken dinners!

CryptoDozer players have had some massive wins and recently we’ve seen two huge ones!

Two players recently joined the Crypto RichClub, Player BimsBet who scooped a serious seven ETH!

BimsBet: I woke the misses up while she was sleeping with a loud “You Beauty!”, that was my initial impression of seeing that Lei CryptoDoll come dropping down.

CryptoDozer: Why are you playing CryptoDozer, is there one thing that really stands out?

BimsBet: I play CryptoDozer as it has the excitement of getting some high price CryptoDoll and the chance to win BIG, BIG ETH!

Read more about BimsBet’s big win:

Then There was the even more impressive win of 10ETH just a few days ago by our fantastic player GoodUsername. Who made it all sound so easy when talking to us about the big win….

GoodUsername: It’s a great way to wind down for the night, dropping those coins can be ultra-relaxing. For me, the simplicity of the basics of CryptoDozer is one of its best bits. I can let myself zone-out a bit and play for a while.

CryptoDozer: Did you use any special tricks to guarantee that you collected that monster ETH?

GoodUsername: I was lucky, I didn’t need to use that much skill to collect this ETH, but I did use a few walls just to guarantee safety.

Read the almost Zen-like relaxing collection story of GoodUsername

Of course, these two are just the latest of many players who have joined the CryptoRich Club.

We’ve already made plenty of people CryptoRich, from big winners of 70 & 10ETH to smaller but still amazing amounts, such as our 7ETH winner — CryptoDozer is giving ETH away like crazy! Check out all our highlights below!

CryptoDozer Players give back and we couldn't be prouder!

While we were been busy giving out ETH to individuals, CryptoDozer players were busy giving it away. To a very special cause and one that we couldn't have been happier to support!

Recently we posted our first donation to UNICEF, over 11ETH given by our fabulous players!

It's amazing to know that we have some very generous players who are willing to help make a difference! you can check out our current leaders in donations at cryptodozer.io but let's give the top three a quick shout out!

these are the real CryptoRich!

Gold and Silver Club in our Discord launched

We’ve launched the Gold and Silver member roles in Discord for all the winners of these luxury CryptoDolls!

Now when you're in our Discord Sever if you’ve collected a Silver or Gold CryptoDoll you can have your name shown off to the whole world! You’ll see it on the right-hand side — giving you the biggest of bragging rights!

Right now these roles let you brag and show off, but we’re hard at work drawing up plans to give a few little benefits to these superstar players! And we have plans to launch a similar feature for our Telegram chat.

If you haven't claimed your flashy status yet then do so today!

CryptoDozer Prime launched- giving daily coin bonuses and special 7th-day rewards!

Now when you go to cryptodozer.io, you’ll see three different options for CryptoDozer Prime in the My Page section. On the left-hand side of the game screen, just under the My Account area. Each one comes with a gargantuan amount of coins when you purchase it!

Depending on the package you pick you’ll earn great daily rewards. As well as in-game items on specific reward days.

Once you’ve unlocked your daily bonus, you’ll find it in your gift box, where you’ll be able to collect it and use it straight away.

Check out all the details in our full explanation article

Tips and secrets and a re-vamped FAQ!

We’ve been hard at work giving out secrets, like this one.

And we totally overhauled our FAQ section, making it fully navigable, and adding in some extra details on new things, just making it a much nicer document to read and use!

Player spotlights — because every CryptoDozer Player deserves a chance to shine

We know there are CryptoDozer Players that are out there earning ETH at a steady rate. They may not have hit one of the biggest CryptoDolls but they keep playing and earning ETH. So we thought it was worth having a chat with one of them. It’s our first ever player spotlight, and to kick it off right we talked to the suitably named player Panda.

A regular in the daily Top Ten exchanges

Check out the full chat and leave a comment if you want your moment in the sun!

DozerBird Public Beta

We’ve been teasing you for a while now and it’s getting oh so close.

CryptoDozer is delighted to confirm that we’ll be holding a public beta for DozerBird in the coming weeks!

While the details are still being finalized we wanted to give you a heads up that it's getting closer and closer.

For all the information as it’s released make sure you're in our discord, especially the DozerBird announcements area. https://discord.gg/r2VCWHX

Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/playdapp_io

Join the Telegram group https://t.me/cryptodozer_io

Keep in touch on Facebook

Learn to master these important items.

That's all the big news for now!

CryptoDozer users are earning ETH every day and every successful CryptoDoll collected is great news.

All CryptoDozer CryptoDolls are out there waiting to be won again and again, can you collect the 3rd PAM doll? Or even one of the ultimate 70 ETH CryptoDolls?

It’s Playtime!

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