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03/02/2022 PVP Rewards: Over $46,000 Won by Players!

500 winners earned 47,000 PLA tokens and $46,060 in rewards this week!

This week all 500 PLA winners’ slots were filled again!

More than 500 players staked SSR NFTs and 500 managed to fight their way into the rankings! We’re excited to be able to give out PLA to more players as well as see more competition for those PvP PLA rewards!

Competition at the very top end of the rankings between the Ninjaz and Team KOR guilds is fiercer than ever, with some intense jockeying for rankings happening!

Further down the rankings, competition is also getting fiercer as more and more people stake and compete for PLA!

A quick reminder of how the 500 PLA winners work. Get ready and read this, it’s super important 👓

Major Arena Winners March 2nd— 500 winners!

Another huge week of rewards for Along with the Gods PvP players, earning a total of $46,060!

What is Along with the Gods?

PvP rewards — Rules reminder!

We have 500 winning spots up for grabs every week! That means we have PLA set aside for up to 500 people that are staking! And we cut out people that aren’t staking, moving people up the list.

Get your SSR NFT ready, get them staked, and earn!

Pick up SR, SSR PLAYZ NFTs and Ancient God Heroes and Runes on the Marketplace here:

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