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Along with the Gods P2E Server Pre-Registration Open Now

Pre-registration for the upcoming launch of new play-to-earn server now open!

Hello Knights! We have fantastic news, PlayDapp’s flagship RPG is upgrading its Play-to-Earn mechanics. Pre-registration with rewards is open now at!

PlayDapp’s RPG Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn, in which players can earn NFT Runes and Heroes, is launching a dedicated play-to-earn server, with NFT staking and PLA rewards.

The deep RPG will soon allow players to earn PLA tokens, daily and weekly. PLA is the native token of PlayDapp and is listed on sites such as Coinbase, and upbit. Players can earn daily rewards of 5 PLA and weekly earnings are worth a potential 5,000 PLA. Pre-registration is now open with some awesome boosters.

With serious partnerships such as Samsung, Polygon, Chainlink and Portis PlayDapp has been establishing a solid base from which to expand its blockchain gaming ecosystem. The strengthening of PlayDapp’s RPG Along with the Gods into a comprehensive Play-to-Earn experience is a huge step in achieving this.

PlayDapp’s move to a deeper Play-to-Earn experience with Along with the Gods has at its core easy to grasp mechanics based around three concepts: NFT Staking, Rewards for playing the game and tournaments. All players need to unlock PLA rewards is PlayDapp Town PLAYZ NFTs. These are PlayDapp’s interoperable NFTs. PLAYZ NFT come in three grades of rarity, R, SR & SSR.

Players can stake and complete simple daily missions to earn PLA or take on other players in PvP in Major Arena and win larger shares of PLA. The higher you rank in the weekly Major Arena standings, the more PLA you earn!

For Along with the Gods’ Play to Earn, players just need three SR grade NFT to earn daily rewards of PLA from completing daily missions. One SSR NFT is needed for weekly rewards from PvP, and importantly all staking is lossless. NFTs used are still under the players’ control.

PLAYZ NFT can be acquired in the PlayDapp marketplace. And with PlayDapp’s recently launched Merge and Upgrade feature NFT owners can take lower grade NFTs and combine them to form higher grade NFTs, unlocking earning potential for Play to Earn.

Along with the Gods’ continues PlayDapp’s work to add true value to players and their gaming. Full details on PlayDapp’s Along with the Gods’ Play to Earn expansion and pre-registration process can be found at

PlayDapp’s pre-registration process is open from October 13th, letting you get ahead of the curve, thanks to some serious pre-registration rewards. By pre-registering Players will earn valuable in-game items, including Gems, Hero Scrolls and Gold.

Not only that but players who pre-register will get advanced notice of pre-staking, allowing them to make sure that they take advantage of Play to Earn in Along with the Gods as soon as possible.

Don’t miss out, and get ready for the Play-to-Earn launch!

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