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Along with the Gods P2E soars to new heights! Up to $5k weekly to be won.

From October 27th “Along with the Gods” P2E server will launch globally across 170 countries.

[2021–10–27] PlayDapp has applied Play to Earn mechanics to its flagship RPG “Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn” (hereinafter referred to as ‘Along with the Gods) and launched the service officially in 170 countries excluding China and Korea.

As proof of the global craze for play to earn games, ‘Along with the Gods’, to which the P2E model is applied, topped the overall game category in terms of interest. In doing so it surpassed, popular blockchain game, “Axie infinity” in social indicators, during Along with the Gods’ pre-booking period.

This is according to the data of ‘Play to earn’, a blockchain game specialized site that boasts an average of 750,000 monthly visitors, and is a score that sums up the number of times mentioned, shared, and liked on SNS and various communities within 24 hours. It is one of the metrics that can measure people’s interest in the game.

Along with the Gods: #1 On

PlayDapp said that users’ interest in ‘Along with the Gods’, which embraces P2E, has also been reflected in NFT prices. As a result of NFT staking which started on the 20th, the price of PlayDapp Town PLAYZ NFT released on the market increased by 2 to 6 times depending on the NFT grade compared to a month ago based on the average transaction price.

In “Along with the Gods” newly applied Play to Earn model, participants who have completed NFT staking will be rewarded with 5 PLA per day according to each staking condition and up to 5,000 PLA according to PVP (Tournament) weekly ranking. PLA acquired as a reward can be used at digital asset exchanges such as Coinbase, upbit, and where PlayDapp tokens is listed. As well as across PlayDapp’s ecosystem of games, marketplaces and more.

“’Along with the Gods” was released on Google Play as a general RPG game in September last year, but this year, through the blockchain NFT technology update and the opening of a dedicated P2E server, it has been reborn as a true blockchain game,” said Sang Chung, head of business at PlayDapp. I am confident that the history of “Along with the Gods” will be rewritten after applying this P2E model. We will repay your support with user-friendly services in the future.”

“Along with the Gods” is a strategy RPG (role-playing game) where you can enjoy a variety of combat content such as ▲Dungeon Crawls ▲Boss Raids ▲PVP Duel with 5 character classes and over 100 heroes in total. Character stats can be increased by combining rune sets with various effects, and in the case of high rarity, ▲ Ancient God Heroes ▲ 6-star runes can be converted into NFTs to trade across PlayDapp’s marketplace.

“Along with the Gods” can be downloaded through the Google Play Store, and the PlayDapp Town NFT required for NFT staking can be purchased from the polygon version of PlayDapp’s C2C marketplace



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