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Along with the Gods Play-to-Earn Staking Guidelines

Your comprehensive guide to all the conditions and systems of NFT Staking

What is Staking?

You can think of staking as putting your NFTs to work. Simply by staking your NFTs in the Item Manager you can earn PLA token rewards from playing the game. PlayDapp’s Staking method is lossless, meaning that no matter what you still control your NFT, and nothing is lost if you fail the staking conditions. Staking is also based in PlayDapp’s Item Manager, giving you a single area to focus on for all your NFT needs.

Along with the Gods has two ways you can earn PLA rewards while staking:
Daily Quest Reward: Stake 3 SR rank PlayDapp Town PLAYZ NFTs for 5 PLA daily upon Daily Quest completion.
Weekly Arena Reward: Stake 1 SSR rank PlayDapp Town PLAYZ NFT for up to 2800 PLA weekly based on Major Arena Ranking.

How Does Staking Work in Along with the Gods?

In Along with the Gods, staking is based on using PlayDapp Town PLAYZ NFT, you’ll need a minimum of three SR PlayDapp Town NFT to start earning, and one more SSR to be eligible for all staking rewards.

Staking is also split into two distinct earning methods, Daily Quests and Weekly PVP Arena Ranking (based off Major Arena Ranking exclusively).

You will also need to stake the required NFT for a specific amount of time. For Daily Quests you’ll need to stake the NFT for a minimum of 24h, during the day’s staking period. For Weekly PVP rankings you’ll need to Stake the NFT for 7 Days, starting before the Rankings are reset weekly.

Required Staking Time

Both Daily Staking and Weekly Staking require your NFTs to be staked according to the following specifications:

Daily Reward Staking: Before UTC 00:00 and after UTC 00:00 the following day. For example, if you wanted to earn daily rewards for the second day of the month the Daily NFTs would need to be staked by 23:59 UTC on the first and remain staked until 00:01 UTC on the third.

Weekly Reward Staking: Between UTC 00:00 each Thursday until at least the next Thursday UTC 00:00. For example, you would need to make sure your NFT is staked by Tuesday 23:59 UTC and not removed until Friday 00:01 UTC. This would cover the full week for rewards.

Staking must be enabled for the entirety of these periods and your NFT should not be unstaked or removed during these periods. A quality of life for the service as a whole is that your staked NFT will roll over, meaning you don’t need to re-stake and risk missing out on rewards.

We strongly recommend you stake your NFT much earlier than the cut-off points to guarantee you do not have any issues.

Please also note that the first time an NFT is staked, you will only be able to unstake it the following UTC 01:00. To unstake NFTs simply click Unstake, click the X on the NFTs you wish to unstake and click OK from the Staking Dashboard.

How to Get PLAYZ NFT for staking

You’ll need PlayDapp Town PLAYZ NFT to stake with. These NFT are easy to get and currently, you have three options.

The easiest is to use the PlayDapp marketplace to buy three SR and one SSR Grade NFT, simple. Job done. You can buy these NFT at

The next is to use the Merge and upgrade function to boost lower level R Grade NFT into SR or SSR, you can find out more about merging in this article.

Staking Systems in Along with the Gods

Daily Staking rewards- Earn 5 PLA a day!

You’ll need three SR Grade PlayDapp Town NFT for Daily Staking. After you have your NFT it’s a simple two-step process.

1. Stake the required NFTs in the Item Manager for the required time.
2. Complete the Daily Quests in Along with the Gods, found in the Quest section from the main game screen.

Do this while staking 3 SR PLAYZ NFTs to receive Daily PLA rewards. PLA Will be sent on the Polygon network the following UTC day. Provided you have staked your NFT for the full-time period.

Weekly Staking rewards- Earn up to 2800 PLA!

You’ll need one SSR Grade PlayDapp Town NFT for weekly Staking, and you’ll have to battle your way in the PVP rankings. Once you have your SSR Grade PlayDapp Town NFT it’s easy to try to earn your rewards.

1. Stake the required NFT in the Item Manager for the required time.
2. Rank in the Top 300 of the Major Arena while staking 1 SSR PLAYZ NFT to receive Weekly Arena Rewards. The higher your rank the more PLA you will earn!

PLA Will be sent on the Polygon network after the full staking time period has been completed.

Staking Failure States

It’s not pleasant to think about, but if something goes wrong you could see your staking fail, losing your rewards.

Claim Staking Rewards

When you’ve completed your staking challenges and the required staking time has been achieved you can claim your earned rewards in Item Manager via the Staking Mailbox area.

Staking can result in failure if any of the below is true:
•Premature unstaking: Withdrawal of staked NFTs before the time conditions are met.
•Incomplete Daily Quests, you must complete them all.
•Ranked outside of the Top 500.
•The Staking feature is showing Disabled. — This will only happen if you are not staking the correct number of NFT.

Step-by-step Staking Process

1. Once Item Manager is open log in with your Portis wallet account. If you don’t have one, you can create one through Item Manager in Along with the Gods or on the PlayDapp Marketplace website, or on

2. The staking module is now placed at the top of the Item Manager main page. You can see at a glance whether you are staking the required NFTs for Daily and Weekly Rewards if it shows ‘Enabled’.

3. Daily Quest Reward requires staking 3 SR PLAYZ NFTs. Weekly Arena Reward requires staking 1 SSR PLAYZ NFT. You can obtain PLAYZ NFTs from the PlayDapp Marketplace, Merging, and Event Sale page.

4. Click ‘More’ on the Staking module to be taken to the Staking menu. You can also access it from the sidebar menu by clicking ‘Staking’.

5. Click ‘Start Staking’ to go to the Staking Dashboard where you can select which of your available NFTs you want to stake by clicking on them. You will be asked to confirm Staking and sign the transaction for each NFT.

6. Once you’ve successfully fulfilled the staking requirements it will display your staking status as ‘Enabled’

So there you go, You can now stake PLAYZ NFT to help you earn PLA, awesome!

Click through to the player guide to learn what you need to do inside the game to start earning!



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