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Along with the Gods PvP Reward Rankings 24/11/2021 + Player Interview with Glaze

Along with the Gods players earned over $128,000 in total PLA prizes this week!

Hello Knights!

Another week of Major Arena has ended and your hard-won PLA is heading to your wallets, congratulations to all the winners!

Along with the Gods players who staked an SSR PlayDapp Town PLAYZ NFT and managed to fight their way into the Top 500 won a total of $128,128 worth of PLA!

Check out the rankings below and see how much you earned!

Major Arena PvP Reward Rankings for the week ending 24/11/2021

How to Join In and Start Earning

For a fully detailed overview and guide through the process make sure to read these guides, which cover literally everything you need to know to start earning in Along with the Gods!

If you want to purchase some PLAYZ NFTs for Staking you can do so by heading to PlayDapp’s Marketplace and buying NFTs listed for sale by other players:

Alternatively, PlayDapp is also currently holding a sale of PlayDapp Town PLAYZ NFTs packs which refreshes the number of packs for sale daily:

Player Interview with Glaze

Highlighting players who have won PLA from playing Along with the Gods, this week we’re interviewing Glaze!

In-game Nickname: Glaze
Latest Arena Ranking: 6th place at 17 Nov 2021, 3 times Top 10 ranker

Q: Could you tell us a little about yourself?

A: I am a gamer enthusiast since I was a child and earning money by playing games has always been my dream. As I grow older, playing games usually make me think , is it a waste of time since I spend most of my time grinding, and not getting much in return? but with AWTG developing the game type that I often play and grind, combined with P2E system, its super awesome, even though I was skeptical at first, PlayDApp team is a real top notch on satisfying their players! Looking forward to further development. [Even though people might say ‘its so easy just playing games’, I know much people that are in the top rank have devoted their time to research, which is admirable, I feel like in the future gaming can also be a job and business by still including the fun!] Good luck to Don, Ryan, and team! I believe PlayDApp is going to be something great.

Q: How did you discover AWTG?

A: I don’t remember quite clearly, but if I’m not wrong, it's through Instagram ads.

Q: What initially attracted you to AWTG?

A: I have played a lot of this type of RPG before, like summoner wars, afk arena, similar gameplay that let us autoplay but still have interaction [Gacha and grind]

Q: Have you played any play-to-earn games before this?

A: Yup, I play several games of play-to-earn system.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about AWTG?

A: It's the reward that is generous, also the mods which is Don and Ryan who always help when they are available, they help with a clear instruction. And how the devs are working to fix the bug, with smooth gameplay, I rarely see any bugs anymore these days.

Q: What’s your strategy for Arena Mode? Advice for other players?

A: If you are f2p, or have limited cash, go for a 4star hero that you can transcend and awaken easily, like akurel/eoin/floria/ereth other hero that you have lots of dupe

[I would recommend read the guide that is made by Don in their ‘medium’ website, since I get to know which hero is good, and the highlight of how their builds are]. And if you planning to help the dev’s by spending real money in the game, I would suggest buy their weekly pack of summoning, since it help you to accelerate the progress, and again, see the guide made by Don in medium, it really help a lot to know which hero are worth to keep and nurture!

Q: Favorite Hero?
A: Patricia!

Q: What are your plans for the PLA you won?
A: Mostly I would spend my PLA to help the dev again, by investing in AWTG , such as recharge diamonds, buying their NFT in the marketplace, and took some of it for my allowance.

Thanks to Glaze for taking the time to answer these questions and congratulations on your PLA winnings!

Remember you can earn massive PLA rewards weekly from Major Arena rankings so make sure to keep fighting to earn PLA! Good luck Knights!



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