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Along with the Gods Update Announcement: Buybacks, Staking Event and more!

This update is a big one! Read to find out about Buybacks, the new Staking Event and gameplay updates!

Maintenance for updating the game is scheduled for 04/06/2022 00:00–06:00 UTC

🛠 P2E 2.0 update, gameplay updates
📅 04/06/2022
⏰ 00:00–06:00 UTC

The game will be inaccessible during this period.

The primary focus of this update is on the new Play-to-Earn 2.0 features, which rebalances the system and introduces new features such as Item Manager Durability and changes to Major Arena.

The Major Arena PLA Rewards table has been adjusted, as has the Rankings system in-game. Rankings will now reset all players regardless of ranking to 1000 points each week, and Defense battle points have been rebalanced.

For a full overview of these Play-to-Earn changes, read this guide:

But we have some other changes and updates to share with players too, with news regarding PLAYZ NFT Buybacks, a Staking Event and gameplay updates!

PLAYZ NFT Buybacks

For a full step-by-step guide to the process, click here:

PlayDapp will be operating a PLAYZ NFT Buyback program as Play-to-Earn 2.0 launches. We made this decision to allow players who do not wish to participate in the new Play-to-Earn system a fair and expedient exit point, and exit with a transparent return on any purchased NFT.

Buybacks will start on 04/06/2022, the same day P2E 2.0 launches, and will run for 30 days until 05/06/2022 (April 6th to May 6th)

Players will receive 300 PLA for SR NFTs and 400 PLA for SSR NFTs

Staking Continuation Event

For full event details, click here:

To celebrate the launch of P2E 2.0 and reward users who continue to stake during P2E 2.0, we’re running a Staking Continuation Event where players can receive up to $295 in rewards!

If you’re already staking when the event starts then you don’t need to do anything to enter, you’ll automatically be entered into the event!

Just remember to repair Durability to keep your staking status during the event!

Lucius Skill Rebalancing

The Dark Melee Hero Lucius has been buffed, with adjustments to his Auto Skill ‘Dragon’s Eyes’ and his Passive ‘Nightmare’.

Major Arena Tickets System

The base amount of Major Arena Tickets will change from 10 to 2 in the new system, with 1 Major Arena Ticket as a default and 1 extra Major Arena Ticket as a Level 1 Honor reward, which is automatically attained upon account creation.

Additional Changes:

※ Automatic ticket recharging function will be removed and Major Arena Tickets will be given during the daily reset time.

※ Arena Tickets that are not used before the daily reset time will not carry over to the next day.

※ If you run out of Daily Major Arena Tickets , you can purchase up to five more with Gems

Players can increase the amount of Arena Tickets they hold by increasing their Honor level and staking PLAYZ SSR NFTs.

Accordingly, the Daily Mission requiring Major Arena participation will now only require 1 battle to complete.

Skill Error Patches

Cerberus: Fixed Skill description error. The description of the skill ‘Right Head’ was different from the actual effect:

  • Previously: Increases the target hero’s physical defense by 50% for 10 seconds.
  • Changed: Increases the target hero’s physical defense by 200% of their maximum health for 10 seconds.

Coral Zombie Shaman: Fixed error with ‘Zombie’s Revitalization’ Skill with correct HP% recovery



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