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Along with the Gods Update Announcement

Introducing new Honor System, new Heavenly Hero Cerberus and more!

We’re here to announce some major game-changing additions to Along with the Gods in this new update!

Players will get to experience the new Honor system which rewards players in a variety of ways, the brand new Heavenly Hero Cerberus, UI upgrades and adjustments to Shop Pack limits.

Read on to find out everything you need to know!

(Please note: all images and footage are taken from a test version of the game and may appear and function differently from the public version)

Introducing the Honor System

The Honor system grants players some amazing rewards for increasing their Honor level and Honor mileage.

Players increase their Honor mileage and level according to the number of Gems used in-game. This isn’t limited to Gems used in the Shop, and includes all Gems used across the entire game including Key refreshes and stage retries.

Players will receive a plethora of amazing benefits for increasing their Honor including:

  • Honor Season Mileage which grants you rewards for Honor gained within each Season, including Scrolls and Cerberus Fragments. This is similar to Hero Scroll Summoning Mileage, and rewards can be earned multiple times as the mileage loop resets.
  • Every Honor level reached will grant a highly valuable reward such as Ancient God Heroes and Ancient God Scrolls. Level achievement rewards are obtained once each honor level, with the maximum level set at 5.
  • Daily rewards such as Accessory Scrolls which improve according to the player’s Honor level.
  • Overall buffs for players which improve according to the user’s Honor level. These buffs include: additional Major Arena tickets, additional Infinite Tower tickets, boosted EXP from Scenario and reduced Investigation times.

Players can check their Honor level, experience, and the status of level rewards in the Honor menu.

Hell’s Gatekeeper Cerberus Arrives

A new Heavenly Hero has dropped! Cerberus, Hell’s Gatekeeper is a brand new natural 5-star Dark attribute Tank. Has Shu finally met his match?

Being a Heavenly Hero, Cerberus’ stats are above regular Ancient Gods’ and are comparable to Shu’s. Cerberus combines monstrous stats with an impeccable defensive Skill kit and Passives, and a great Leader Skill which boosts the front row’s HP by 50% and Evasion by 30%. You can find full details regarding Cerberus via the in-game Book.

Cerberus is the ultimate example of the Tank class in Along with the Gods. Cerberus can take an astonishing amount of punishment and dish it back out, all while supporting his team with shields and buffs. That massive shield on his back isn’t just for show!

Players will be able to obtain Cerberus collecting Cerberus Fragments exclusively from Honor Mileage and using them at the Temple of Heroes via the Selective Summon menu.

Cerberus will not be available for sealing and minting into an NFT or on the Marketplace, nor be available via scrolls, Cerberus is Honor Exclusive.

UI Upgrades

Some upgrades have been made to the UI, featuring a more streamlined look and feel.

  • Honor icon has been added to the new top bar
  • Inbox has been moved to the new top bar
  • Special Rewards has been moved to the new top bar
  • New player profile now displays Honor level and changes color according to Honor level.

Transcendence Pack Monthly Purchase Limit Raised

Taking into consideration the increased Transcendence level cap and player feedback, the monthly purchase limit for Transcendence Packs has been increased from 5 to 10 packs.

What is Along with the Gods? How do you play-to earn?

Along with the Gods is a play-to-earn mobile RPG and part of PlayDapp’s multi-homing game strategy, in which players can easily move across and use various platforms. It refers to games where players can leverage their playtime and accomplishments from one game to other games, metaverses, and blockchain platforms.

Players can be rewarded in PLA tokens in Along with the Gods through either or both Daily Quests or Weekly PvP rankings. Players can also create and trade Along with the Gods NFTs on PlayDapp’s Marketplace.

For more information on how to start being rewarded for your game time in Along With the Gods, check out the guide below:

■ Known Issues
1. An issue in which the recharge time for Major Arena tickets is incorrectly displayed.
- Ticket recharging for Major Arena proceeds without any problems and can be used normally.
- If you experience an error, please reconnect or use other content such as Scenario.
2. An issue in which content related to Arena mode is displayed as the content before the update

■ Update Maintenance Reward: 1 Legendary Hero Scroll

■ The error that the Guild War on P2E server cannot proceed has been fixed.



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