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What did you earn from the AWTG Google Play Launch Event?

Some hard work by our players has made everyone a winner!

Hello Knights!

We’ve just reached the end of our Google Play Launch Community Event! With all of the participants and achievements, we have a ton of rewards to give out. Let’s have a look at what you’ve earned!

To celebrate the launch of Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn on Google Play Store, we held a bunch of Community events with a huge range of rewards on offer to players for participating! You guys did a great job and managed to earn a whole lot of amazing rewards!

We even ended up being featured on Google Play Store alongside games like Genshin Impact and Mario Kart Tour!

Follow our Twitter: for all the latest Along with the Gods news and updates!

The Twitter Retweets Event finished with 54 Retweets, and you all earned 150 Gems, an Earth/Fire/Water Hero Scroll Pack, a 4-star Evolution Incarnation and a Legendary Hero Scroll!

Join our Moot Lounge, the game’s official community hub, by signing up/logging in to Moot and pinning the Along with Gods Lounge here:

From the Moot Event, you hit 307 members, and earned 150 Gems, an Earth/Fire/Water Hero Scroll Pack and a 4-star Evolution Incarnation!

In total, everyone will receive 300 Gems, two Earth Hero Scroll Packs, two Fire Hero Scroll Packs, two Water Hero Scroll Packs, two 4-star Evolution Incarnations and a Legendary Hero Scroll! What a haul!

We saw a massive increase in both our Twitter and Moot numbers thanks to your efforts!

During the event, we put out a coupon code, “playawtg1”, all players could use to receive 500,000 Gold, 500 Gems and a Fire, Water and Earth Hero Scroll Pack! The coupon code is still valid so if you haven’t used it yet do it now to redeem your rewards!

Judging from all your positive feedback, this was a very popular item, particularly among our new players, and we’ll be looking to distribute more coupon codes in the future!

The Community Prize Draw Event gave out over 30,000 Gems to 16 lucky players across our global communities, with the grand prize being 5,000 Gems for one very lucky player from each.

We’ll be contacting the winners across our communities and sending them a unique code to claim their fantastic gem prize. So keep an eye on your social account, you never know what might hit!

We want to thank everyone who participated and helped spread the word about Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn launching on Google Play Store. Both the launch and event were a great success! We hope you enjoy your rewards and Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn!

Missed out on all the fun? Stay tuned for future events in Along with the Gods, where we can continue to build our game’s community and get you, the players, more awesome rewards!

You can download and play Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn on Google Play from the link below:

Bringing you the future of gaming today,
Team PlayDapp



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