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Hero Spotlight: Lin

“Stop staring, or else!”

We’re back with another Along with the Gods Hero Spotlight, featuring Lin!

If you missed our previous edition featuring Ereth, you can read it here:

“Lin is beautiful yet deadly. She protects the forest deep inside the Wolf Forest but has come to protect the forest from the fallen elemental king, Kaor

Lin is a natural 5-star Earth attribute Range class Hero. The Full Moon Goddess is one of the most notable Heroes in Along with the Gods, and she’s revered as the Queen of Raids. Her PvE prowess in general makes her a must-have hero and using Lin can feel like having a cheat code against Raid Bosses and other monsters. Read on to find out what makes Lin the Queen of Raids in Along with the Gods, and how to make the most of her.

How to Obtain Lin

Lin is obtainable from the Temple of Heroes through Hero Combination, which is absolutely amazing because it means one of the best Heroes in Along with the Gods is easily attainable for all players. To acquire her you must combine a Max Level 5-star version of Peko, Peishan, Sasha and Siege Turtle.

Peishan can be acquired through scroll summons, synthesis and Light Shards which are available from the Special Shop’s Arena section for Bravery Points. Bravery Points are earned as a reward from participating in Team Arena and World Team Arena.

Siege Turtle can be found through scroll summons, synthesis and as a drop reward for completing any of the Stages 8.1 through 8.10.

Peko can be combined in the Temple of Heroes himself by using Reina, Melvin, Lamus Archer and Blue Crab. He can be found through scroll summons and synthesis as well.

Sasha can only be found through summoning and synthesis and will likely be the trickiest combination material hero to obtain.

Because Lin is available through Combination in the Temple of Heroes, it’s easier to Awaken and Transcend her than it would be for other 5-star heroes, which is a big plus and makes her an even more valuable asset.

Lin can also be found from Scroll summons and Hero Synthesis, as well as the Goddess Token, which can be purchased once per account from the Limited Package shop. However, we generally recommend players pick Patricia over Lin from the Token. Patricia is the more powerful and difficult to obtain of the two and you can always combine more copies of Lin

Lin’s Skills Overview

Lin’s abilities are incredibly powerful and are tailor-made to deal large amounts of damage to Raid bosses.

Lin’s Active Skill inflicts the Bloody Curse effect if it hits with a Critical, which recovers HP when damage is inflicted. More importantly, the attack also does 17% of the target’s current HP as bonus damage. HP% abilities are incredibly valuable in Raid battles due to the large HP pools Raid Bosses possess.

Lin’s Auto Skills augment the effectiveness of her Active Skill by introducing various other useful effects. One of these is Lin’s Shooting Moon, which has the ability to Armor Break an opponent, which reduces their Physical Defense by 100%. This attack also completely ignores the Target’s Defense stat when it hits and can also Entice them. This is a massive game-changer, especially against Raid bosses and allows herself and her other Attack based teammates to do extremely high amounts of damage.

Her other Auto skill Meteor Shower also has the potential to deal a lot of rapid damage, with three separate hits and a chance to install Time Bombs that explode for 200% Physical damage with each hit.

Lin’s passives are just as strong as her skills, with her first passive Moon’s Energy granting her the Vampire Effect when her HP falls under 70%, and her second passive Night Guardian boosting her Critical damage by 40%

Choosing Awakenings for Lin

Lin’s Awakenings and other upgrades should be chosen with the goal of maximizing her potential in PvE, especially against Raid Bosses.

Awakening I: Increase her Attack to increase her overall damage output.

Awakening II: This Awakening has an element of personal choice as some players prefer to choose Evasion boosting over the Bleed effect, particularly if they don’t use Evasion runes on Lin to improve her survivability. However, the Bleed effect makes Lin even edgier in DPS against Raid bosses and maximizes her offensive potential and most players end up going with the Bleed Effect Awakening.

Awakening III: Increase her Attack Speed, you want Lin to attack as quickly and often as possible.

Awakening IV: This is another Awakening choice that players can differ on. Some players prefer to raise Lin’s Critical Rate, and others prefer giving her a second Attack boosting Awakening but the latter seems to be the more popular option.

Awakening V: Increase the team’s Attack Speed to increase Lin and her teammates’ Attack Speed.

Unfortunately, Lin’s Leader Skill isn’t particularly good so it would be beneficial to have access to other, better Leader Skills when you put together your team.

Lin and Prospera make an amazing combination against Raid Bosses like Kraken, Python and the Drakes, especially with Prospera’s Leader Skill which increases the HP of the backline by 50%.

Lin benefits a lot from being transcended, each attack has a chance to inflict an additional 300% damage, and Lin possesses multi-hit attacks which greatly amplifies the power boosts from Transcendence. She is a strong candidate for investing some of your hard-earned Philosopher’s Stones. Her damage output and overall stats receive a significant boost and with her utility in PvE and Raid content, it’s well worth having at least one Transcendence Level on Lin.

Having a transcended Lin will be a huge help in clearing certain high-level content in Along with the Gods, especially high-level Raid Bosses and Infinite Tower stages that require specialized Heroes and tactics.

Queen of Raids

The Raids where Lin shines brightest are the Kraken Raid, the Pantahras Raid and the Python Raid. You can support her with other Melee and Ranged Heroes who can take advantage of Lin’s Armor Break effect and Support Heroes to help keep her alive and buffed.

You can read our guides to the Kraken and Pantahras raids here:

She’s also a great hero to use in Guild Raids against the majority of Guild Raid Bosses and she’ll also be one of your best bets in the Drake Raids against the Water and Earth Drakes.

Choosing Runes for Lin

The rune set-up for Lin has a bit of flexibility and you’ll see different players opt for a variety of different effective set-ups. Experiment and see which combination of the following runes works for you.

Many players who use Lin opt for some combination of Accuracy and other runes.

Accuracy runes are particularly useful in Raids as it ensures Lin’s high-value attacks such as her Armor Break won’t miss, particularly on dangerous enemies with high Evasion like the elemental Drakes.

Some players opt to build Lin with Evasion Runes and try to get her to the maximum Evasion cap of 75%. The combination of Evasion and Accuracy runes on Lin is a popular choice as it’s geared towards Lin’s strengths in PvE.

Others opt to max out her Critical rate with Critical runes to make the most of her passive, which increases Critical damage by 40%.

One of the great options available to Lin are Vampire runes. They synergize with her passive which also grants the Vampire effect to Lin when her health drops below 70%, thus giving her greater sustain through all phases of the battle. A combination of Vampire and Evasion runes should ensure that Lin becomes very difficult to kill for enemies.

Warrior runes are a solid choice on any hero, increasing their Inability Effect Resistance by 50% and many PvE opponents are capable of inflicting an array of devastating Inability Effects.

Rage runes are a more exotic option on Lin, and she’s one of the few Heroes who has a reasonable case for using them. Equipping two Rage runes will increase Lin’s Critical hit damage by 20%, giving her an automatic 60% boost with her passive on top of any stat bonuses she gains from runes and accessories.

For her sub-stats, depending on which type of Lin build you want to emphasize, try for the following sub-stats in their respective positional slots.

I: Critical Rate, Attack Speed
II: Attack
Evasion, Critical Rate
Evasion, Attack Speed

Keep in mind that you’ll be using Lin mainly for PvE modes such as Raids, Infinite Tower and Scenario, and that Melee heroes can boost the team’s Critical rate with their Awakening V skills. This means if you have one or two Melee heroes in your various Raid teams, their Critical rate boosts can substitute for Critical runes on Lin. Some heroes such as Melvin also have skills that boost the team’s Critical rate in battle which is also something to factor into your decisions.

Choosing Accessories for Lin

When it comes to accessories the optimal accessories are Demon or Immortal accessories. However these are high-level endgame items that the majority of players realistically won’t have access to.

Fortunately however, Lua accessories are the next best thing for Attack based Heroes and they’re highly accessible for the average player.

The main sub-stats you should be looking to increase with your equipped accessories are Attack, Attack Speed, Critical, Evasion and Accuracy.

Using Lin in PvP

While Lin is much more proficient in PvE situations, she’s no slouch in PvP and can be a serviceable hero if you don’t have other options. But be warned, she definitely isn’t built for that purpose and is seldom seen on high-level Arena teams. She is also outclassed in PvP situations in the role of Earth Range hero by Prospera.

Lin is undoubtedly one of the top PvE heroes and the Queen of Raids in Along with the Gods. Her relative accessibility as a natural 5-star Hero, and a top-tier 5-star Hero at that, and utility make her a no-brainer to pick up.

Let us know what you think of Lin and how you use her in battle!

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