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AWTG now on Google Play Store

PlayDapp’s hit mobile RPG now available on Google Play Store!

We’re proud to announce that Along with the Gods, the strategic mobile RPG published by PlayDapp, is now available on Google Play Store! Download and start your epic adventure today!


Summon powerful new heroes and items with scrolls. Discover and collect hundreds of heroes. Customize your team to battle with, level up, and combine for new, even stronger heroes.

Experience deep, rewarding RPG gameplay and customization with the unique Rune system, Awakening and Transcendence system, and a vast array of accessories and accessory customization options.

Take part in a grand, epic adventure with an unforgettable cast of characters in Scenario mode, presented in a beautiful comic-book style.

Battle a huge variety of enemies and epic eye-popping bosses in a variety of game modes.

Select up to five Heroes in a formation of your choice and enter battle. Choose the best formation and Heroes for the job. During battle you will need razor sharp reflexes to control your Heroes and unleash their Skills against enemies.

Test your strategy and battling skills to see if you have the brains and brawn to conquer your enemies.

Battle other players in Arena mode and reach the Hall of Fame leaderboard. Join a Guild and take on other Guilds in head-to-head Guild Battles as well as epic bosses in Guild Raids.

Test your mettle in the Infinite Tower and Exploration modes and see if you can survive the gauntlet of enemies thrown your way.

There’s a huge amount of both PvE and PvP content to experience!

Available in the following languages: English, French, German, Russian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Korean, Japanese, Thai.

Download on Google Play Store and start your fight for light today!


Celebrating our Play Store launch with some awesome community events!

To celebrate our launch on Google Play Store we’re holding a whole bunch of events to celebrate! There’ll be a coupon code for all players to redeem, two social media rewards campaigns and a community prize draw! We’ll be giving out a ton of rewards to players for participating so make sure you check it out:

Bringing you the future of gaming today,
Team PlayDapp



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