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AWTG Player Interview with Jimmy133

AWTG PvP expert Jimmy133 shares his thoughts on the PvP meta and the game as a whole

In-game Nickname: Jimmy133

Latest PvP Ranking: 3rd

Q: Could you tell us a little about yourself?

A: I have been an avid gamer my whole life starting from Nintendo then moving to computer games. Once I had kids, I enjoyed being with them more than games however I was always drawn back to gaming so i got into the Gacha auto-battle genre of games. I work full time in the financial industry and these types of games have allowed me to focus on my family and my job. With the success that Playdapp is having, they are making it possible for me to dream about how I could spend more time with the 2 things I love the most and retire early!

Q: Have you played any play-to-earn games before this?

This is my first P2E game and I honestly think I found a hidden gem. I have been following Playdapp and playing AWTG since June of last year and the whole idea of Blockchain intrigued me. I used to play an MMORPG on the PC called Everquest where I would sell in game items for cash.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about AWTG?

My favorite thing about the game is how much strategy is involved in the game. Just as you think you mastered the game; you uncover a new mechanic that completely changes how I set up on my team. When I have free time and grinding in game, I frequently think about what team would synergize well together. Do I focus on physical attack, magic, or mix? Do I choose survivability or damage?

Q: As someone who’s been playing from the very beginning of AWTG what have you noticed has changed in the PvP meta, if anything? Some new Heroes have been released in that period do you think any of them have a significant impact on the meta like Thetis, for example?

The first thing I noticed is that the old meta was not as powerful as I thought. The AWTG population has exploded and with the sheer number of new players trying out new characters, I was able to see characters like Thetis and Nia shine. The new players rely on guides or advice on who to work on and I think if they tried characters other newer characters like Lumie or Cammy, they will be pleasantly surprised.

Q: What do you think of the new NFT and P2E system as someone who’s experienced both Classic and P2E?

The gaming business is undergoing a revolution thanks to blockchain technology and Playdapp has been at the forefront of this new technology. The NFT and P2E system has worked surprisingly well for me considering how new and emerging blockchain technology is. I was able to mint my gods and put it on the market with no issues. The P2E system works phenomenally well.

It was an amazing feeling seeing my weekly prize in my wallet.

Q: Who do you think are the best Heroes for players who are new/don’t have the funds to purchase an Ancient God to focus on?

This is an easy choice for me, Melvin is by far the best investment for dolphins like me and below. I transcended him to 66 before any other character because I knew I would be spending a large amount of time farming runes. Nhumer raid offers excellent runes for all characters. The faster I can farm raid 13, the more high-quality runes I could get. Since Melvin is a 3-star hero, its significantly easier to awaken and transcend him. For PVP, Phantom Knight, Starfish shaman and Floria are excellent 3-star heroes. Special scrolls have some great heroes including Eion, Renee, and Akurel. The heroes included in the special scrolls are great units to focus on since the chance of getting duplicates are far greater.

Q: Minor Arena often doesn’t get the same attention as its Major Arena counterpart and could grow in importance in the future, who are your favorite Heroes in the Minor Arena meta?

Ereth is my favorite minor arena hero however his counter, Akurel is my second favorite. Either way, you need to build your team to complement these characters. Your goal with Ereth is to assassinate other team’s casters before they have time to do damage. Akurel is amazing and to knock back, slow, and cc the other team. He allows your team more time to do damage and disables the other team. Having both is on a team is deadly. I also have to be aware of teams that use characters that counter Ereth so a good strategy is to complement Ereth is using strong green units to eliminate Akurel or any other strong blue characters. Orelia, Renee, Peishan, Gohr are all great at stopping Ereth counters.

Q: How much time do you spend on a daily/weekly basis to get Arena rewards?

My game is running 12–16 hours a day however my phone is in my pocket half the time. I try to check every 10 minutes in case my team dies or if I have a bad connection and I have to reconnect. I spend the other half managing my team and completing daily quests.

Q: Favorite Hero overall?

Ereth is my favorite because he is the only character that you can build pure damage and still live. I use him for Major, Minor, Arena, and raids. His damage capability is excellent at making the grind to improve your character more efficient.

Q. What are your plans for the PLA you won?

As my good friend Glaze likes to say, PLA to the moon! I plan to keep my PLA investment in this terrific company and use it on the many exciting projects that Playdapp has lined up.

Q: What future changes/additions would you like to see in the game?

I would love to see the arena algorithm changed so that there is a better chance to be paired with players of your level and above. The current system works great for newer members however I am competitive by nature and would like to face off with opponents stronger than me more often. I would also like it if they added a way to reset your awakening skills. That would allow players to change their strategy more often and to keep everyone on their toes.

Thanks to Jimmy13 for taking the time to answer these questions! We hope you all found some useful insights from one of the game’s veterans! Congratulations on your PLA winnings once again!



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