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Best in Class: Learn the tricks of Boosting your Heroes in SS6K

In Soul Seeker The 6th Knights, there are 6 unique classes, and to get the most out of each you’re going to need pay attention to your runes and equipment. So if you’ve been wondering which stats and sub-stats on runes and gear to look for when building a particular type of hero, we’ve got you covered!

If you need a refresher on equipment including gear and runes make sure to check out our previous article with other starter tips here:

As a general rule of thumb, especially as you start to face higher level bosses and opponents in the Arena mode, you’ll want to increase your Accuracy as opponents will have increasingly high Evasion stats. After all, you can’t hurt what you can’t hit. Look for additional Accuracy bonuses on gloves as well. Reduced Cooldown can also give you a huge general advantage as you can unleash your skills sooner and more often than your opponent. Also, beware the trap of simply pumping up your heroes’ HP stat with bonuses, there are more efficient ways to improve your heroes as you’ll see below.

Keep on collecting and improving different pieces of gear and runes throughout your journey to keep your heroes in tip-top fighting shape.

Assassins will require you to build up their Critical Hit rate while also pumping up their Dexterity and Attack speed. You’ll also want to look for cooldown reduction for their skills. Evasion is also important on these characters so look for that as a sub-stat too. Some Assassins have the natural characteristics to be used in a similar way to a Tank as well.

🛡 Tank characters require greater bulk so they can continue to sponge hits and act as a battering ram for your team, prioritize Vitality to increase a Tank’s sustain. You’ll also want to look at increasing their Strength for increased damage output on the front line. As always, Accuracy and Cooldown reduction are worth raising too.

🔨 Warrior heroes often face the problem of dying too early or not being as sustainable as their teammates. Vitality is an important stat for this class to raise to alleviate this problem so they can get right into the thick of battle and contribute. To maximize their damage output look at raising their Strength and Attack Power, and again, Accuracy and Cooldown Reduction are also worth raising.

💉 Healers should focus on being able to survive the duration of the battle as their death will lead to a domino effect on the team. For this, you’ll want to improve their Vitality and Dexterity so they can avoid damage as much as possible while being able to eat hits when they have to. It’s also important that while they’re alive they’re able to constantly heal and buff their team so look out for Cooldown reduction.

🧙‍♂️ Mages tend to be a bit squishy so in addition to pumping up Magic Attack for increased damage output, you’ll also want to invest in Vitality to increase their longevity. Another important stat for this class is Cooldown reduction as you’ll want to unleash your skills as much as possible.

🏹 Archers are another valuable damage dealing class who can bring some unique benefits to your team. You’ll want to raise their Physical Attack and Critical Hit damage to maximize their damage capabilities. Boost Vitality to improve their stamina and Pierce which will help deal some truly deadly damage. It also acts as a defense break, so even enemies with high defense will take a beating from your Archer.

While these are good principles to use throughout your journey, keep in mind that there are times when you’ll need to dig a little deeper and adjust your strategy. That boss that keeps wiping your team out might warrant additional Vitality and/or Evasion. Certain characters will have skills and abilities, or other characteristics, that warrant some deviation or tinkering, for example, Dark Fatima gains in Critical Hit rate and Critical Hit damage each time she evades a hit so going super edgy in Evasion would be worth it. As always, see what works best for you!

We hope you enjoyed this article and found it helpful! Feel free to share your thoughts and any other advice on this topic!

Ps Knights! We’ve heard distant sounds on the wind. There’s something out there on the horizon… stay tuned for more details….

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