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Claim a share of $300,000 worth of PLA tokens in PlayDapp’s first presale!

Hello, this is Ryan from PlayDapp. The PlayDapp Town NFT presale is getting ever closer, I hope you’re pre-registered and ready to go! Have you checked out just how the process will work? It’s super simple, make sure you check out the guide.

But Right now I’m here to tell you about two awesome events that will run alongside the PlayDapp Town NFT presale. Ready? Then let’s get to it!

Event 1–20,000 NFT airdrop!

That’s right, alongside the presale, we’re running a massive 20,000 free NFT airdrop! It’s on a first come first served basis so you’ve got to be quick!

You’ll find the free PlayDapp Town NFT in the polygon section of the presale.

Each Free Pack has the chance to randomly acquire an R-rated character worth $10.

Each wallet address can participate three times, once each sale date, 11th, 12th, & 14th May. If on the third claim you’ve managed to acquire all 6 PlayDapp Town NFT Characters you’ll be able to merge and upgrade them for the chance of getting an SR- rated Character.

To take part in the airdrop, read the guide to the PlayDapp Town NFT presale.

Event 2 — Claim your share of $300,000 worth of PLA!

The second PlayDapp Town NFT presale event is a big one! It’s your chance to get a massive leg up across the whole PlayDapp ecosystem. With your share of $300,000 worth of PLA.

We’ll be rewarding those who commit to the interconnected future of PlayDapp gaming with PLA rewards.

How to be in with a chance to claim your share of PLA

It’s simple if you spend a cumulative $1,000 across the PlayDapp Town NFT presale they’ll earn a proportional reward in PLA. The first reward amount will be a share of 50% of the $300,000 reward pool. $150,000 worth of PLA will be split proportionately across those accounts that spend $1,000 or more.

Then adding to it, we’ll boost the PLA reward by another $150,000 if all packs sell out!

PLA will be distributed as a lump sum payment to the winning wallets in June 2021.

Now’s your chance to take part in an awesome NFT presale that not only rewards you with NFT but valuable ecosystem tokens.

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