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Complete F2P Beginner’s Guide to AWTG: Part I

A complete step-by-step F2P guide to progressing through the early game

Preliminary Reading

Before you start with this guide, it’s worth taking a look at one of our previous guides, our 10 Tips for New AWTG Players, to get some game fundamentals under your belt and you can also check out the Tips in-game to make sure you understand basic game systems and mechanics such as the UI, Rune upgrades and how to to Awaken Heroes:

How to Progress Quickly in AWTG, For Free

Clear Normal Mode in Scenario

When you start the game your priority should be clearing as much of Scenario Mode as you can. Clearing Scenario Mode will provide you with more EXP for your heroes and useful clear rewards such as Scrolls and Evolution Incarnations. Progress in Scenario Mode will be the primary vehicle for your overall progression.

Evolve and Upgrade Your Hero Roster as you start Hard Mode



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