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Complete F2P Beginner’s Guide to AWTG: Part III

A complete step-by-step F2P guide to progressing through the early game

Hello Knights! We’ve been receiving a lot of feedback from new players who are being discouraged by early-game hurdles and being unable to progress through the game. We’ve heard your cries and we’re here to help with this progression roadmap guide which will lay out specifically which steps to take to progress through the game as efficiently as possible.

In Part II we covered completing Hard Mode and preparing your Heroes for Hell Mode. In Part III of the guide we will help you progress from the beginning of Hell Mode through to the end game of high level PvP and PvE content.

You can read Part I of this guide here:

And Part II here:

Finish Hell Mode up to 15.10

As you begin Hell Mode you’ll need to start forming a solid team of 6-star Heroes. Don’t worry too much about Zones 19–20 at this stage. These areas are a big step up in difficulty from the rest of Hell Mode and will require you to have a team full of fully upgraded 6-star Heroes to complete.

If you’ve gotten decent Hero Summons and applied upgrades to your Heroes then you shouldn’t be too hard-pressed to progress through Hell mode up to and including Zone 18. You can brute force your way through stages with Gems which revives all your Heroes after they’re defeated. This is going to become a necessity as you get further along into the game and especially in Zones 19 and 20.

Clearing Scenario Mode stages will give you various rewards such as Scrolls and Evolution Incarnations which will help build your team up as well. Utilizing your Friends List is going to be crucial, especially if you’re trying to complete Scenario mode ASAP.

You should also be working on Awakening and Transcending your Heroes, particularly the Heroes who are best at clearing Raids and PvE content, such as Melvin and Lin. If you happen to obtain a top-tier powerhouse Hero such as Patricia, Alexis or Prospera, you should also immediately work on upgrading and Transcending them as they will help you in every facet of the game.

Opening up the Game

After finishing the first segment of Hell Mode, you can prioritize what you want to spend your time on. You can choose to continue on in Scenario Mode and try to obtain the Mythical Hero Scrolls and Ancient God Hero Scroll from completing the final level of each Zone. The Ancient God Hero Scroll in particular can really give your progress a massive boost by giving you access to some of the most powerful Heroes in the game, such as Styx, Prospera and Alexis.

You can read out Hero Spotlight on Styx here:

You can also choose to focus more heavily on Raids and other content like Sanctum of Strength to gather resources such as Runes and Essences to continue upgrading the team. You should continue to set goals for yourself as you play, such as breaking into Gold class in Arena or completing Floor 100 of the Infinite Tower. This will help give you direction and determine the actions you need to take, such as evolving more Heroes, Awakening and Transcending certain Heroes, obtaining high-level Runes etc.

However, for those of you who wish to truly max out your team and take on the absolute toughest challenges in the game, we recommend farming and hoarding Awakening Incarnations, Essences and Philosopher’s Stones for the purposes of fully Awakening and Transcending your Heroes to Level 66.

To Transcend a Hero you will require a Level 66 Hero that is fully Awakened (including their Leader Skill) as well as one additional copy of that Hero per Transcendence, up to a maximum of three. You will also require Philosopher’s Stones as a resource for Transcendence, with 5-star Heroes requiring 30 Stones per Transcendence.

This will be an essential step if you want to have the necessary strength to take on the highest levels of Hell mode Infinite Tower, which constitute the toughest overall challenge in the game, and the highest rankings of Arena mode. Heroes who aren’t at least fully Awakened and Transcended will be quickly wiped out against elite Arena mode and Infinite Tower enemies. Completing Hell mode Infinite Tower and entering the Hall of Fame will earn you ultimate bragging rights and the knowledge that you’ve conquered the hardest experiences in the game.

You’ll also want to grind the Python Raid for Philosopher Runes, the strongest Rune type in the game and also essential for high-level PvP. Many high-level players outfit their team with sets of Philosopher Runes. The Python Raid offers the best chance for players to obtain high quality Philosopher Runes and is the superior, more consistent option compared to the Rune Crafting House.

Farming Level 13 Raids in general is the best method to obtain the Runes you want. The Nhumer and Kraken Raids also yield valuable Rune types such as Vampire, Evasion and Warrior Runes, and are well worth farming. Ancient Drake Raids are another worthwhile endeavor for players, giving out great rewards such as Scroll Pieces and Awakening Incarnations. The other Raids such as Pantahras and Havoc are less essential, giving out less useful Rune types as drops.

You can read more about the Python Raid here:

Miscellaneous Tips

Make sure to join a Guild, as joining a Guild will provide you with perks such as Gold acquisition boosts as well as a share of Guild Raid and Guild Battle Rewards. You can receive valuable items such as Awakening Incarnations, Special Hero Scrolls and Legendary Hero Scroll Pieces, which you need to participate in to get a share. You’ll also be able to ask for advice and receive support from a group of allied players. Consistently participating in Guild Raids and Guild Wars will net you and your Guildmates a bunch of awesome rewards such as Gems and Special Scroll Pieces.

Don’t sweat the Arena mode too hard as a beginner, you’re going to need to progress further into the game and obtain the right pieces and invest time and effort into them to really compete and climb the rankings. You should still do Arena battles for the Daily and Weekly rewards and use your Arena Tickets but don’t expend too much effort into Arena or get stressed out about your lack of early success. Don’t neglect the Minor Arena mode either and make sure to power up your 3 and 4 star Heroes as well.

There are also some Heroes who are better at PvE than PvP and vice versa so keep that in mind as well and learn to differentiate the two groups to maximize the effectiveness of your Hero selections. You can also take a look at the Arena mode rankings to see which Heroes they favor and how the best players construct their teams.

For more Arena specific advice you can check out our previous guide here, featuring tips from renowned veteran player Jimmy13:

The same principle applies to Exploration, don’t be discouraged even if you’re getting dominated by higher level players. In general it’s not worth it to use Gems to continue Exploration unless you’re close to completing the 12th wave. Just do what you can every day for the rewards and concentrate on growing your own team through other game modes.

In terms of a reliable Hero any player can use, our absolute highest recommendation is Melvin, who is a good candidate to be your first Transcended Hero. He’s easy to Transcend and you’ll get a lot of mileage out of him. You can read more about Melvin here:

Make sure you complete Infinite Tower 10 times a day. If you can’t clear a certain stage then you can go back to the last Boss stage you were able to complete and repeat it. You can get a bunch of awesome rewards from completing Infinite Tower stages, and repeating Infinite Tower stages will allow you to get rewards even if you can’t clear new stages.

Make sure to pay attention to the descriptions of each stage for details on the enemies. This can give you vital information about the specific Skills and conditions that you will face during the battle. It’s also a good idea to look at the Strategy tab to see which Heroes other players who have successfully cleared the stage are using to help you formulate an effective strategy. The harder stages will require you to use specific Heroes and setups, with to advance.

Spend your Arena Coins on the Awakening Incarnation and resist the temptation to buy the Scrolls first. Awakening Incarnations should be your priority, they have mor e utility and greater scarcity than the other rewards on offer. Awakening Incarnations are second only to Philosopher’s Stones in terms of value as resources.

Above all, Along with the Gods rewards consistency and smart decision making any player can assemble a strong team capable of clearing endgame content over time for free.

For more game discussion, advice and anything else you might need, you should check out Along with the Gods’ official community hub on Moot:

If you’re having trouble specifically with the latter Hell mode Zones in Scenario, don’t fret! There’s a spike in difficulty which catches many players out and leave them unsure of how to continue their progress. We have another guide article which takes a deep, comprehensive look at how to conquer Hell 19 and 20 in Hell Mode!


We hope you enjoyed this guide and that it helps ease your worries about progressing through the early stages of the game. Just remember that with time and effort you will be able to experience all that this wonderful game has to offer!

Let us know if you have any additional tips you think would be helpful for new players trying to progress through the game in the comments below!

Bringing you the future of gaming today,
Team PlayDapp

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