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CryptoDozer 101 : How to Play & Earn ETH

Welcome to the world of CryptoDozer!

What is CryptoDozer?

CryptoDozer is a simple and easy crypto-arcade game that you can earn ETH by collecting adorable dolls.

The concept behind CryptoDozer is very simple. You just insert the coins to push and collect coins and dolls in exchange for Ether. There are 22 different kinds of dolls are pegged in different ETH values. (They are so-called "non-fungible tokens" in ERC-721.)

Before you jump into CryptoDozer adventure, here's a tutorial on how to start and play the game step by step.

How to play CryptoDozer?

Step 1. — Create MetaMask Account

To start playing CryptoDozer, first, you have to create your MetaMask wallet to activate your CryptoDozer account. (Please watch a video tutorial here.) MetaMask makes it simpler to interact with most decentralized apps build on Ethereum.

Although we support a “Guest Play” mode, it supports limited gameplay - item purchase or doll exchanges are unavailable. If you like to enjoy the game fully, please connect your MetaMask wallet. You will also get additional coins in reward for a first-time connection.

For players who already have MetaMask account, please connect your wallet to our game (see step2).

Step 2 — Connect MetaMask wallet

Ok, so now you have your MetaMask account. Once you finish creating a new MetaMask account, you will see the screens below.

Please click “CONNECT” to start playing CryptoDozer!

Step 3 — Play CryptoDozer

Alright. You have done well so far. After you connect your MetaMask wallet, you will see a screen like the image below.

Here are the details of each components on game screen.

From the left side of screen,

PLA — A cryptocurrency(ERC-20 token) for CryptoDozer, used to purchase various in-game items.

My Account address — The wallet address connected to your CryptoDozer game account.

PLA address — The wallet address of PLA tokens that you can track the token transactions.

Bonus Coin — 8 different special coins with special in-game effects to help you play better.

On the right side of screen, there are sections where you can purchase in-game items such as

PLA — A cryptocurrency for CryptoDozer, required when purchasing coins.

Coins — In-game coins which you drop and push. Purchasable in PLA only.

Wall items — A game boost to block the side edges by building walls to protect coins/items/dolls on board from dropping off the sides.

Auto Drops — Help you drop the coins automatically without physical clicks.
(You must have enough coins to use this item.)

Inventory — Storage slots where the collected crypto dolls are stored.

These items help you acquire special coins and dolls, and enjoy CryptoDozer.

Ok, now let’s play CryptoDozer! Please click “Play” button.

When you start playing the game, you will have 30 game coins in your balance. You can tap or click on the sliding machine area to drop coins. All you have to do is to push the coins and dolls off the front edge to collect. If you need more game coins, you can purchase more using PLA. Otherwise, 1 coin at every 30 seconds will be given automatically when your coin balance is under 20 (*Auto-generated coins are limited to be added up to 20 only).

The goal of CryptoDozer is to collect adorable crypto dolls. There are 22 different kinds of in-game dolls with different Ether values upon its grade, which is indicated by label of Gold, Silver, and Bronze, and by stars.

Is it easy to collect Dolls in CryptoDozer?

Yes and No?

One of the crypto dolls or special coins is randomly dropped on the sliding machine when you collect 3 or more coins at once — called "combo".

You should keep in mind that coins, items, or dolls falling off the side edges will be lost. But, with better strategies and booster items like bonus coins and wall/shake skills, you can collect them more easily.

When you reach a certain level, in addition, a special doll appears as a level-up reward.

Now, you are fully ready to enjoy the CryptoDozer adventure.
Play CryptoDozer and be the Crypto Rich!


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