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CryptoDozer has so many fun boosters! Check it out now $$$

Hey CryptoDozer Rich!

As you know, CryptoDozer offers various game booster items.

On this post, we will let you know the full list of our special bonus coins and their rewards!

These special coins will give you more fun and benefits to level up faster and/or to earn more coins and items.
So, please keep them in mind, and play smart :)

How to drop special bonus coins

  1. One of the eight special coins is randomly dropped when you hit a combo — by collecting three or more regular game coins at once.
    You can get a hint by the image shown on the right side to the XP bar.
  2. When XP is filled up 100% — means you level up — , special bonus coins are dropped as well.

Plus XP

Collect the Plus XP, you will earn an additional 5XPs (XP, Experience Points). Once your Experience Point balance on the top of game screen is full, you will advance to next level, and special coins will be dropped on the pusher as the reward.

Double XP

It will add two coins to your coin balance and an additional 2XPs. More coins, better play!


Each Bonus coin adds 1XP to your XP Balance. When collecting every 3rd Bonus Coin, 5 of existing normal coins on board will change into Double Coins.

Coin Party

It’s raining coins! This blue coin will add 1XP and drop 5 free coins on the pusher.


Collect Wall Coins to get 1XP and a Wall Item! The Wall item will build walls on both sides of the pushing board to avoid losing coins off the sides.

All of the coins and items on the platform will be pushed toward the front edge, but the walls will disappear in 20 seconds. So, hurry up to drop coins as many as possible while this special boost is activated.


The Special Adds 1XP and 4 random coins will be dropped on the pusher. Nobody knows what kinds will be dropped. They could be any special bonus coins.

Giant coin Charge-up

A Giant coin Charge-up adds 1XP and a Giant coin falls — hitting the board to make powerful shakes. When the Giant coin enters on the platform with powerful shakes, all coins and items bounce, and some of them fall to the front edge and both sides.


A Giant Coin adds 3 coins and 3XPs to your balance. It will appear when the red, Giant coin Charge-up, is collected. It is 4–5 times bigger and heavier than a regular coin.

Play better with the special coins and have more fun!
See you in the next post. Stay tuned!


Team PlayDapp




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