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CryptoDozer Secrets #01 — Tips for Coin Settings

Hey CryptoDozer Rich!

While playing CryptoDozer, you will notice that the coins you randomly drop fall off to both side-ends, and that the number of coins in your balance reduces accordingly. (Not a surprise that your balance gets soon to be near zero in a short time!) That’s the moment you probably regret spending all your coins quickly without any strategies, and try to make a decision buying more coins or waiting long for free coins generated.

Yes, that’s the topic of today!
We are going to give you very useful tips to start the game: how to manage and better earn the coins. And on this series, we will guide you on all the strategies from getting more special items to smartly managing collectibles to earn more ETH.

Oh, and we are always welcome to hear your own unique strategies as well. Please share your best practices on our Discord : Click here.

CryptoDozer Secrets #01 — How to set your coins better

From the beginning, full of 40 coins are already aligned on the pushing board evenly. When you see the aligned coins, you would think that dropping the coins down the line and pushing them forward is easy like a cupcake, but it really is easily out of control during the play.

Hence, you need to have well-calculated strategies on how to set up the coins and where to drop and push additional coins so that you can earn them as many as possible, because it is directly linked to your earnings!

Here are our “3 Coin Arrangement Tactics”;

Tactic 1. Flat Attack Arrangement

Tactic 2. Center Core Attack Arrangement

Tactic 3. Side Attack Arrangement

Tactic 1. Flat Attack Arrangement

Flat Attack Arrangement is useful for the very first coin drop. Dropping one coin at a time is fine, but dropping 4–5 coins evenly side by side together makes it a lot easier to earn game coins and to achieve a combo which drops a special bonus coin or a crypto doll. It will also allow you to move bigger coins and dolls to the front edge with more force. However, it is important to secure as many coins as possible due to the fast coin consumption. It is an attractive strategy for players who like fast turn games.

Tactic 2. Center Core Attack Arrangement

Center Core Attack Arrangement is the method that drops coins in the center with a single stack or 2–3 coins stacked each. If you stack more coins at a time, you will need a lot of coins in your balance. As you focus on center attacks, losing coins off the sides might be less likely. However, due to its energy flow when hitting other coins, the side coins will eventually fall off. You can try this tactic when aiming to earn items or dolls faster regardless of coin spendings.

Tactic 3. Side Attack Arrangement

The 3rd strategy is the Side Attack Arrangement. When you hit a combo, a special coin or a doll will drop on the platform. If the item drops to any side corner of the sliding pad, it’s highly likely to fall into the sides. If you drop coins closest to the right or left side on the pushing area, you can avoid the specials or dolls falling off the sides. Because of the pushing force of the side coins, the items next to it or below will be pushed to an inner direction.
So this attack is useful when you want to move items to the center area.

Crypto dolls will appear when you achieve a combo or you reach a certain level. They are likely falling into the sides if coins are dropped randomly and carelessly. In other words, you loose the chance to earn ETH!

So, it is important how to arrange and attack the coins.

Super players! Collect all kinds of dolls with the best strategy.


Q: In the beginning, is it better to have many game coins in my balance?

A: The answer is simple.
The more coins you have, the more coins you can drop. It will also get you the coins, items, and dolls faster.
But it is not secured that you will recollect all the coins you drop.
Thus, charge the coins wisely upon your play pattern.

Let’s Play More!
We will be back to you soon with other ultimate tips and the best strategies.


Team PlayDapp




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