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Guide of Item Manager Multi-wallet Linkage

The Item Manager self-certification multi-wallet linkage function will be applied on after the maintenance of Item Manager on January 12, 2023.

We will guide you through the multi-wallet linkage guide so that users can integrate more easily.

For more information, please refer to the following.

[Item Manager multi-wallet linkage guide]

1. Proceed with KYC verification.

2. Upon completion of certification, a “My Wallet” will be created at the bottom of KYC and the “KYC Linked Wallet” will be displayed when clicked.

3. Log in to Item Manager with a wallet other than the wallet you just certified with.

4. Proceed with KYC verification.

5. Click “My Wallet” and click “Add Wallet+”.

6. The wallet that clicks “Add Wallet+” is added to the KYC Linked Wallet list and the linkage is complete.
※ You can link up to 5 multi-wallets.

※ Please note that if you click “Add Wallet+” when linking a wallet other than the first certified wallet, the wallet will not be linked immediately, but if you click “Add Wallet+” again, it will be linked normally.

※ The linked wallet can be deleted from the KYC Linked Wallet list, and if you click “Delete” on the right side of the wallet you want to delete from the list, that wallet will be deleted from the list.
> If you want to re-link a wallet deleted from the list or link another wallet, KYC authentication is required. After authentication, click “Add Wallet+” to proceed with the linking.



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