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Hero Spotlight: Akurel

“I’ll cool down your head.”

We’re back with another Along with the Gods Hero Spotlight, featuring Akurel!

If you missed our previous edition featuring Prospera, you can read it here:

“The leader of the water elementals. He’s the smartest of them all and is the adviser to the elemental king. He gets annoyed with Griff but kind of enjoys it at the same time.”

Akurel is a 4-star Water Ranged Hero and is definitely a Hero all players should have as part of their roster. He’s a key Hero for any serious Minor Arena team and punches above his weight in other game modes. In this article we’ll cover how to obtain Akurel and how to equip and use him for the best results.

Akurel is an essential PvP Hero as well as a useful all-round Hero in other areas of the game. Many players compare Akurel to the similar 5-star Water Ranged Hero Kaor, and while Kaor may edge Akurel in a direct head-to-head comparison, there are a few factors that causes players to favor Akurel.

Read on to find out what exactly makes Akurel so great!

How to Obtain Akurel

Akurel has a number of methods available to obtain him, which makes him relatively easy to acquire and upgrade. The first method is the standard method of summoning through a Hero Summon Scroll.

Akurel can be obtained from: Premium Hero Scrolls, Legendary Hero Scrolls, Water Hero Scrolls and occasionally Special Hero Scrolls depending on the Special Summoning List which changes periodically.

You can also purchase Akurel Light Shards from the Random Shop, and as the name suggests the items stocked randomly cycle in and out so this method is not the most efficient. You’ll require a total of 50 Light Shards to summon him.

The most reliable method to obtain Akurel is through Hero Combination at the Temple of Heroes. You will require Wolf Warrior, Demon Knight, Coral Skeleton Archer and Claire as Combination materials. You will need to evolve your Heroes to 4 stars and have them at Max Level before you can use them. With this method you can reliably obtain Akurel and the necessary Akurel duplicates to Awaken and Transcend him.

Akurel is an extremely high value Hero, especially for players who want to climb up the Minor Arena rankings, so players should make it a priority to acquire him as soon as possible. Just take a look at the Minor Arena rankings and check out the teams that they use to see just how vital Akurel is.

You can also view usage stats for the most used Heroes in the Infinite Tower and Raid stages to see more evidence of his appreciation and usage by players.

Akurel Skills Breakdown

Akurel has a variety of skills that barrage his enemies with weaponized ice and water. Akurel both hits hard and inflict powerful effects on his opponents, including Silence, Stun and more. These Skills make him a crucial member of the Minor Arena metagame and a great all-round Hero. You can utilize Akurel’s Skills to weaken and control enemies for other Heroes on your team to mop up.

Akurel’s Active Skill Crystal Pillar inflicts 290% physical damage to all enemies. It pushes enemies backwards, stunning them for 0.5 seconds and also has a 75% chance to inflict Slowdown for 7 seconds.

His Auto Skill Hailstorm throws a spear to inflict 240% physical damage to 3 enemies and Stuns the target for 2 seconds with a 100% chance.

Akurel’s second Auto Skill Icy Scars hits 3 enemies for 260% damage and Silences the targets, rendering them incapable of using any Skills, for 5 seconds with a 50% chance.

Akurel’s first passive Water Storm decreases the target’s Attack Speed by 30% for 10 seconds with a 15% chance whenever you attack the enemy.

Akurel’s second Passive Water Essence increases his Attack Power by 15% and gives a considerable boost to his overall power level.

Recommended Akurel Rune Setup

Akurel has a similar optimal Rune setup to other Ranged Heroes such as Lin and Prospera. Evasion, Warrior, Vampire and Philosopher Runes will be your best bet for Akurel. In general, Ranged Heroes benefit from the aforementioned Rune types the most.

You’ll want to build an Akurel that hits hard and fast against enemies for Minor Arena PvP purposes.

You can prioritize different aspects of Akurel’s stats according to your needs and preferences, some players might prefer giving Akurel some Evasion or increasing his Accuracy for example.

If you really want to emphasize the Evasion or Accuracy aspect of your Akurel build, you can use Critical Runes, which increase Critical Hit Rate, and Accuracy Runes, which increase Accuracy. Accuracy Runes are especially helpful in countering opponents who have Evasion boosting abilities and Runes in both PvP and PvE.

For his sub-stats, depending on which type of Akurel build you want to emphasize, try for the following sub-stats in their respective positional slots:

I: Critical Rate, Attack Speed
II: Attack
Evasion, Critical Rate
Evasion, Attack Speed

Recommended Akurel Awakenings

I: Attack
Increases Akurel’s attack power and his overall damage output.

II: Bleed
Inflicts the Bleed status which deals damage over time. This will increase the total damage output of Akurel and synergizes well with his other CC abilities. Increasing Akurel’s Evasion with this Awakening slot is also a viable choice, especially if you choose to build Akurel with Evasion boosting Runes.

III: Attack Speed
Increasing Akurel’s Attack Speed is important as you want Akurel to hit as quickly and as often as possible. Akurel’s Skills and Passives benefit greatly from this Awakening.

IV: Attack
Increases Akurel’s attack power and his overall damage output.

V: Increase Team Attack Speed

Increases Akurel’s and the team’s overall Attack Speed.

Akurel Accessories

The optimal accessories for Akurel will be similar to the ones used by other Ranged Heroes. When it comes to accessories the optimal accessories are Demon or Immortal accessories. However these are rare high-level endgame items that the majority of players realistically won’t have access to.

Instead, players can use Lua accessories, which are the next best thing for Attack based Heroes. Lua Accessories increase the Attack Power of Heroes wielding a Set of three, and they’re highly accessible for the average player. Other options include Ancient or Special Accessories if you want to provide extra HP to your Akurel build.

The main sub-stats you should be looking to increase with your equipped accessories are Attack, Attack Speed, Critical, Evasion and Accuracy.

How to use Akurel

The main area of the game you’ll be using Akurel is in Minor Arena mode. Akurel is an essential part of the Minor Arena metagame and most high ranking teams will feature him, he’s not quite as defining as Ereth but he comes close. He forms a ‘Big 3’ in the Minor Arena meta along with Ereth and Blith as the strongest and most defining Heroes.

In Minor Arena Akurel will provide you with strong DPS and most importantly, he’s also a powerful source of Crowd Control, which can help control the tide of a battle as he Stuns, Silences and Slowdowns his targets.

Akurel is a strong group PvE Hero who can put in a solid performance in Scenario, Sanctum of Strength and Infinite Tower modes due to his Crowd Control capabilities which makes it easier to deal with and clear groups of enemies.

Akurel is also a decent Hero in Raids although he’s not really a specialist as his Skills are oriented towards groups of enemies rather than damaging a single target. As a Water Attribute Hero he has a natural advantage over Fire Attribute Raid Bosses such as Nhumer, Havoc and Flame Drake and can be a useful secondary/tertiary DPS Hero against these Raid Bosses. He’s also a viable Hero to use in the Kraken Raid as well.

If you want more detailed information about these Raids you can consult their respective Raid Guides here:

The best Heroes to pair with Akurel are Heroes that you can stack CC effects with, as Akurel has numerous CC effects that he can inflict on his enemies including Silence, Slowdown and Stun. With additional CC support Akurel can help shut down and pin opponents. In the Minor Arena metagame, Heroes such as Eoin can provide this additional Crowd Control support.

His pushback ability can help create better spacing for your team and disrupt your opponent’s formation. You can capitalize on this with other Ranged and Magic Heroes to keep your opponents at arm’s length from your team and hit them while they’re unable to hit you.

This is also why Ereth synergizes so well with Akurel in the Minor Arena meta despite being a Melee Hero, as Ereth’s abilities give him enhanced mobility around the battlefield to reach pushed opponents.


We hope that you enjoyed this Hero Spotlight featuring Akurel and that it helped you learn more about Akurel and how to make the most of him. Akurel is one of the most important Minor Arena Heroes in the game a Hero well worthy of every player’s attention.

Let us know what you think and how you use Akurel in the comments!



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