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Hero Spotlight: Floria

“Let’s plant this seed together. This is a seed that will change the world!”

Floria is the path finder for the Star Group. The elves of Turilleon treasure her warm-hearted personality and her adorable smile. Nobody is able to stay angry in front of her.

Floria is a natural 3-star Support-type hero of the Earth attribute. Don’t let her innocent appearance or 3-star grade fool you though because Floria is a force to be reckoned with. What’s more is that she’s very easy to obtain which makes her great for new and free-to-play players and she can be easily Awakened. Her Light Shards appear in Heroic Dungeons and as purchasable items from the Raid Shop with Ancient Coins. If you see her Heroic Dungeon pop up make sure to complete them and pick up her Light Shards. Gathering 20 will allow you to summon her!

She’s also a combination material hero for Evan in the Temple of Heroes.

Floria is an amazing hero for Scenario, Infinite Tower and Minor Arena modes with her abilities. She provides support to the rest of the team through healing, physical defence buffs, CC (Crowd Control) resistance, as well as disrupting the enemy with her auto ability which transforms them into squirrels for 5 seconds, rendering them incapable of taking any action. If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of this debuff you know just how dangerous and, frankly, obnoxious this can be.

Floria’s impact in Minor Arena is further enhanced by the restrictions of the format, only natural 4-star heroes or below can be used. Her auto ability to turn your opponents into squirrels will severely hamper them and could provide the window of opportunity for you to land heavy attacks on the enemy, with a character like Terenth for example, without resistance.

Players may find increasing her HP to be useful as Floria is a Support-type and she doesn’t have as much raw stamina as higher level heroes and she’ll be a crucial link in your team. This will increase her longevity and give her more sustain through battles. Alternatively, or in conjunction, you can pump up her Evasion stat for her to avoid damage and survive longer.

Her attack speed is important to consider as this will increase the number of times she can perform her abilities, which is especially important for a Support hero in this game. Increasing her Magic Power is nice to improve her healing capabilities as her healing power is based off of her Magic Power stat.

For PvP focused builds, Warrior runes, which boost inability effect resistance, need to be considered as avoiding CC effects on your Support is crucial in Arena. Floria being inactive will have a negative domino effect on the rest of your team.

You can achieve these effects through set bonuses and/or sub-stats on each individual rune.

Here are some examples of set-ups that combine these building principles for Floria:

An example rune set-up on Floria could be the following: 2 Warrior with 2 Evasion runes, giving her set bonuses of +50% Inability Effect Resistance and+20% Evasion respectively. The most desirable sub-stats would be HP, Attack Speed, Magic Power and Evasion. This set-up should make her a potent force in Arena battles.

A more generalized set-up that players can use involves 2 Life Runes and 2 Torrent Runes, giving set bonuses of +20% HP and +10% Acquired Energy respectively. Desirable sub-stats here would be HP, Magic Power and Attack Speed. This set-up could be good good for players looking to use Floria more in PvE modes or beginner players who do not have access to high-quality Warrior runes yet.

Of course, different team set-ups and needs will call for different Rune set-ups so try and see which works for you but these general guidelines should help you build a strong Floria.

Overall, Floria is an amazing hero with long-term viability that all players should try to get, and use. Try her out for yourself!



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