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Hero Spotlight: Oliver

“Feel the warmth of trees!”

We’re back with another Along with the Gods Hero Spotlight, featuring Oliver!

If you missed our previous edition featuring Styx, you can read it here:

Oliver is a Water Magic natural 5-star Hero and is one of the premiere Magic Heroes in Along with the Gods. Oliver is exceptional as a PvP Hero, being one of the biggest threats in the current Arena metagame, and is highly proficient as a PvE Hero in Scenario and Raids as well. She should be on the radar of every player.

Read on to find out how to obtain and make the most of this awesome Hero!

How to Obtain Oliver

Oliver is obtainable through various methods in-game, including through Hero Combination in the Temple of Heroes. This makes her obtainable for free, and with how good Oliver is, this is a huge boon that all players should take advantage of. This also makes her relatively easy to Awaken and Transcend for a 5-star Hero.

To summon Oliver through Hero Combination you will require Max Level 5-star evolved copies of Orelia, Turan, Harley and Igra. Make sure to save any copies you obtain of these Heroes!

You can obtain Orelia, an Earth Magic Hero, through Hero Combination at the Temple of Heroes as well, requiring Max Level 4-star Evolved copies of Blacky, Demon Warrior, Evil Ghost Priest and Wolf Shaman. You can also obtain her through various Hero Summon Scrolls.

Turan is a Water Magic Hero who can be found through Hero Summoning Scrolls as well as by collecting his Light Shards from the Raid Shop, which can be purchased using Ancient Coins that drop from defeating Raid Bosses. You’ll need 120 Turan Light Shards to summon him.

Harley can be obtained through various Hero Summoning Scrolls, in particular the Selective Hero Summoning Scroll that all players receive after completing Stage 1–10 in Scenario Mode. We recommend selecting Harley with this scroll, as he’s a great asset in the early game to help players get through Scenario Mode and can then be used as material to combine Oliver as you progress further into the game and no longer need to use Harley.

You can read more about the Scroll choices here:

Igra is the easiest Hero on this list to obtain as a natural 3-star Hero. You can obtain her easily by gathering her Light Shards from Heroic Dungeon Raids or through various Hero Summoning Scrolls.

You can also obtain Oliver through various types of Hero Summon Scrolls: Premium, Water, Legendary, Mythical Hero Scrolls and occasionally Special Hero Scrolls depending on which Heroes are on rotation in the Special Summoning List.

Oliver Skills Breakdown

Oliver has an incredible array of skills with useful effects. While she may not have the pure damage output of an Alexis or Patricia, she still packs a punch and can make up for it with the powerful effects she possesses. She’s an excellent source of Crowd Control (CC) and also thrives in the current Magic Hero reliant meta with skills that counter critical hits and other Magic Heroes.

Oliver’s Active Skill Magical Fruits inflicts 350% Magic damage on all enemies with an additional 12% of bonus damage per harmful effect. It also Clusters enemies towards the center of the battlefield while reducing their Attack Speed by 30% for 10 seconds.

Artificial Acid Fruit will target the enemy with the highest Magic Power and inflict 330% magic damage and explodes on contact to also damage any nearby enemies to the target. It also inflicts the Magic Amor Break effect which reduces an opponent’s Magic Defense by 100% for 6 seconds, and as if that wasn’t enough it also Freezes the target.

Squirrel Fruit is one of Oliver’s signature skills, inflicting 310% Magic damage to all enemies while decreasing their received recovery by 300% for 10 seconds, with the devastating effect of transforming opponents into squirrels with a 50% chance for 5 seconds. This leaves them unable to take any action at all while they’re in that state. Transforming an opponent’s key Heroes into Squirrels at the right time can completely change the course of a battle and being able to severely reduce healing for 10 seconds can be incredibly useful, especially in certain PvE situations such as Infinite Tower and against Raid Bosses.

Seed of Revenge inflicts the Petrifying Curse effect on any enemy who lands critical damage on Oliver with a 100% chance for 3 seconds. This is an incredible passive which hard counters big meta threats such as Zenon, Alexis and Lizzy who rely on critical hits and/or have skills that guarantee critical hits. It also cripples any opponents (un)lucky enough to land a random critical hit.

Magical Power Leaf is a simple but very powerful passive, increasing Oliver’s Magic Power by a massive 25% and increasing her damage output significantly. This also allows you some flexibility in your Rune choices as you can easily afford to pick a Rune with HP to increase Oliver’s survivability over Magic Power without losing too much power.

Choosing Oliver’s Awakenings

Awakening I: Magic Power

Oliver’s damage output is calculated using her Magic Power, a straightforward Awakening choice.

Awakening II: Poison Gas

Oliver gains more damage over time with the Poison Gas Awakening, which can be especially dangerous when paired with her CC abilities and heal block skill and her opponents are sitting ducks, although the Magical Shield Awakening is a viable choice as well, especially as Oliver is on the frailer side as a Magic Hero.

Awakening III: Attack Speed

Higher Attack Speed will allow Oliver to get off her attacks more frequently . This is especially important for her Skill which can be a game-changer. The current meta emphasizes Attack Speed and Crowd Control as well.

Awakening IV: Magic Power

Oliver’s damage output is calculated using her Magic Power, a straightforward Awakening choice.

Awakening V: Either

You can pick either here depending on your personal preference. Keep in mind that you’ll most likely be using multiple Magic Heroes in this metagame, especially in PvP, and that their Awakening team boosts stack.

Some players would argue that reducing your opponent’s Accuracy is more effective as it amplifies any Evasion boosts (Accuracy reduction runs off of a separate calculation) you may have on your team, plus the fact that you can get Accuracy boosts for your team from alternative routes such as from Rune sub-stats and Accessories.

Choosing Oliver’s Accessories

The best Accessories for Oliver are a set of Divine or Immortal Accessories. However, Divine and Immortal Accessories are incredibly rare and difficult to obtain, especially as a full set or even mixed set.

Most players will find themselves equipping Oliver with a set of Magic Accessories, which boosts Oliver’s Magic Power, until they can acquire Divine accessories.

The stat bonuses you should be aiming for on your Accessories are: Accuracy, Attack Speed, Magic Power, Physical Defense and Critical Rate/Damage.

Choosing Runes for Oliver

Oliver should be Runed with the goal of increasing her overall damage output and getting her Skills off as quickly and often as possible. Oliver does well with standard Magic Hero Rune set-ups such as Warrior/Philosopher, Warrior/Evasion or Warrior/Vampire.

Oliver can make use of Evasion Runes, which boosts Evasion to increase her survivability by avoiding more hits, which can be a problem for Oliver, until she’s Transcended and gains a 30% HP buff on top of a general stats buff for each Transcendence level she gains.

Warrior Runes are one of the best Rune types in the game and are a very solid option for Oliver. A set of two Warrior Runes increase your Inability Effect Resistance by 50%. Inability Effects are deadly, especially in Arena where hitting first is of the utmost importance. Resistance against Inability Effects is also extremely valuable in high-level PvE content such as Hell Mode Scenario, Ancient Drake Raids and Hell Mode Infinite Tower, where many enemies will be able to inflict Inability Effects and punish you severely while you’re incapacitated. You can obtain Warrior Runes as a drop reward from the Nhumer Raid.

You can read more in our guide for the Nhumer Raid here:

Philosopher Runes are a PvP focused Rune type, that are still useful in PvE situations, that give you a 10% boost to your starting Energy levels for a set of 2. In the current PvP meta where battles can be determined simply by whose DPS Magic Hero can get their Skills off first, Philosopher Runes are incredibly powerful, especially when multiple or all team members possess a set. Philosopher Runes can be obtained as a drop from the Python Raid.

You can read more in our guide for the Python Raid here:

Vampire Runes are a solid choice for Oliver, a set of two will grant her a 20% Vampire Effect boost. This will increase her longevity and with Oliver’s high damage output she’ll receive plenty of health recovery in return. Magic Heroes often utilize and benefit greatly from Vampire Runes due to their natural frailty. Vampire Runes are incredibly useful in PvE situations and decent in PvP. They’re also relatively easy to farm as a reward from the Kraken Raid.

You can read more in our guide for the Kraken Raid here:

Recommended Rune Stat Bonuses:

I: Magic Power/HP
II: Magic Power
III: Attack Speed
IV: Attack Speed

Complementary sub-stats you should be aiming for on your Runes are: Attack Speed, Magic Power and Accuracy. Having some HP and other boosts such as Energy Acquired in the sub-stats can also be helpful. You can adjust which type of sub-stats your Rune has through Rune Smelting by using Gems.

Oliver Usage Tips

Oliver is deadly in Arena mode due to her damage output, multiple CC capabilities and her Passive which freezes any opponent who lands a critical hit on her, which is a hard counter to several Heroes who rely on Critical Hits such as Zenon. Oliver is best paired with at least one other Magic Hero such as Alexis or Patricia.

Oliver has a decent Leader Skill, increasing the backline’s Defense and Magic Defense by 20%, which can be very useful for players who haven’t yet acquired Styx or Prospera.

Opportunities for great synergy exist with Oliver’s Skills such as pairing Oliver with another Hero who targets opponents with the highest Magic Power to eliminate opposing Magic Heroes. Oliver pairs well with other Magic Heroes in general due to her Magic Armor Break Skill, which can overwhelm weakened targets easily.

Oliver’s Cluster effect also works well with Heroes who have AOE skills, grouping them together and making it easier for her teammates to hit targets. Her Freeze and squirrel effects in general are easy to integrate and take advantage of and Oliver is very splashable overall. These CC effects are also extremely helpful in modes such as Exploration and Infinite Tower.

You can also aim to combine her with another CC heavy Hero such as the newly released Melee Hero Wallace or Zenon, for example, to completely pin your opponents down.

You can also pair Oliver with Heroes such as Prospera and Styx to help boost her longevity. Propsera in particular is seeing a lot of usage in the current metagame due to her Leader Skill, which increases the HP of the backline by 50%, and overall utility.

Oliver is a top performer in the Nhumer, Havok and Flame Drake Raids, especially with her Attribute advantage as a Water Hero over the Fire Raid Bosses, and she pairs well with other Water Magic Heroes who can take advantage of her ability to inflict Magic Armor Break on Raid Bosses. Her Heal Block Skill is also very useful in the Kraken Raid. You can read more about these Raids, including general strategy and team selection, here:

Oliver is one of the best Magic Heroes in the game and given how easy she is to obtain it should be a no-brainer for players to work on acquiring her as soon as possible. It should also be a priority to Transcend her due to the ease of acquiring additional copies of her relative to other 5-star Heroes and the benefits you gain from having a Transcended Oliver.

New players, or any player at any stage of the game, should consider Oliver and Lin their priorities to obtain and upgrade, as they can help speed up your early progress and will remain extremely useful for the entire game.

We hope you enjoyed this Hero Spotlight article and that it helps you make the most of this fantastic Hero! Let us know what you think of Oliver or any other thoughts you may have in the comments below!

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