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Hero Spotlight: Styx

“All glory will be buried in oblivion.”

We’re back with another Along with the Gods Hero Spotlight, featuring Styx!

If you missed our previous edition featuring Patricia, you can read it here:

“One of the Dark Ancient Gods in charge of “Oblivion”. He has an ambition to build his own empire after creating a group called “Lamus” by resurrecting the dead ones of Sha’ha.”

Styx is a 5-star Fire Support Hero and is considered one of the best, if not the best, Support Heroes in Along with the Gods. Styx combines damage dealing, healing, enemy debuffs, ally buffing and cooldown manipulation in one package. He is a top-tier Hero in both PvP and PvE and will be one of your most reliable Heroes, no matter the situation. Read on to find out how to obtain and make the most of this awesome Hero!

Styx is obtainable through various methods in-game.

Currently, the most accessible method is through collecting Styx Light Shards. You can collect Styx Light Shards through completing specific Daily and Weekly Quests for Summoning a Hero in the Temple of Heroes each day, completing a battle in the Minor Arena each day and completing 25 Daily Quests in a week. This will be the surest method of acquiring Styx but will require some patience and diligence as it will take approximately two months of completing the Quests regularly to obtain Styx.

You can also collect Styx Light Shards as a drop reward from the challenging Ancient Drake Raids, the higher the difficulty the more likely it is that Styx Light Shards will be dropped.

It’s also possible to purchase Styx Light Shards from the Shop with the Ancient God Package, which features 30 Styx Light Shards.

You’ll need to collect 300 Styx Light Shards in total to summon him from the Temple of Heroes.

You have a small chance to summon Styx from any general Hero Scroll including Premium, Legendary, Mythical and Fire Hero Summon Scrolls.

You also have a one-in-five chance to summon Styx from an Ancient God Hero Scroll, which exclusively features the Ancient God Heroes Styx, Prospera, Atmos, Alexis and Mei. You can acquire Ancient God Hero Scrolls from completing seven rounds of Hero Summon Mileage or as a reward for clearing every Scenario level on Hell difficulty in the game.

Styx’s Active Skill River of Oblivion inflicts 310% magic damage to all enemies and transfers 130% of damage inflicted to the ally with the lowest HP. It also Stuns for 2 seconds and Weakens for 6 seconds. This Active Skill alone makes him incredibly useful, but he has even more Skills in his arsenal.

Styx’s first Auto Oblivion Interference steals all beneficial effects on enemies while inflicting 280% of his Magic Power as damage. It also prevents the enemies from being granted with beneficial effects for 5 seconds.

Oblivion Fog, his second Auto, protects all allies and heals for 17% of their Max HP over 5 seconds. It also decreases the received damage amount by 20% for 10 seconds and decreases their skill cooldown timers by 2 turns.

His first passive, Amnesia, increases the enemy’s skill cooldown by 1 turn with a 20% chance each time you attack.

Owner of Memory, Styx’s second passive, increases his HP by 25%

I: Magic Power/ HP

Styx’s healing and damage dealt are both calculated with his Magic Power stat. Choosing to increase his HP with Awakening I is also a viable option to boost his durability, however many players seem to emphasize increasing Styx’s Magic Power in his Awakenings.

II: Focus

This Awakening has great synergy with Philosopher Runes and helps Styx and your team acquire as much Energy as possible.

III: Attack Speed

Attack Speed is one of the most important stats in the game, and for Styx it’s no different. This will allow you to get your skills off more quickly and more often.

IV: Magic Power

Styx’s healing and damage dealt are both calculated with his Magic Power stat.

V: Increase Magic Defense

Increasing your team’s Magic Defense will be of greater benefit to your team’s overall power.

The optimal Runes for Styx consist of a pair of Warrior and a pair of Philosopher Runes. However, high-level Philosopher Runes can be difficult/tricky to obtain so substituting Evasion Runes is an acceptable compromise, some players might even argue that Evasion Runes are just as good on a Hero like Styx as it allows him to avoid damage to survive longer and support his teammates.

These are our recommended Rune stats you should be looking for in each respective slot for Styx:

I: HP/ Magic Power

II: Magic Power

III: Attack Speed

IV: Attack Speed / HP

The sub-stats you should be primarily looking to acquire for Styx are HP, Magic Power, Attack Speed and Energy Acquisition. You can choose to emphasize HP or Magic Power more depending on your needs and preferences.

For most players, any Accessory type combination that improves Styx’s HP stat should be fine, or even Magic Accessories. However, if you want to fully optimize Styx you should work on obtaining sets of Divine and/or Immortal Accessories.

For accessory sub-stats, you should be looking for Accessories which increase Styx’s HP, Magic Power, Attack Speed and Physical Defense.

Styx shines in the Raids against Pantahras, Python, Havok and Nhumer and can still be used in the Kraken Raid, even with his attribute disadvantage, to great effect. His all-round versatility and power makes him usable in almost any situation. The only caveat to this is that he’s not a pure healer and for encounters that are particularly tough he may need to be supplemented with a more healing-focused Hero such as Divana. Styx will also be crucial in various other PvE situations, such as the Ancient Drake Raids and Infinite Tower stages with his various Support abilities.

Styx is also a cornerstone of the current PvP meta, with the overwhelming majority of high-ranking Major Arena and Team Arena teams featuring Styx. In PvP, pure healing is less impactful and Styx’s other Support abilities can shine. Styx’s Skills are incredibly impactful, especially with the way the PvP metagame is currently, as he cripples the opponents with debuffs and Crowd Control while buffing his allies while providing some healing and Magic damage as well. His cooldown timer manipulation is also a huge boon in the current meta which emphasizes getting your hits off first. The best way to counter Styx’s impact is to have a Styx of your own!

Styx is one of the most vital Heroes in Along with the Gods. Try your best to obtain him because he is one of the most legitimately game-changing Heroes in Along with the Gods. You’ll use him in a wide variety of situations and he’ll be extremely helpful in all of them.

We hope that you enjoyed this guide and found it helpful. Let us know what you think of Styx and any other thoughts you may have in the comments!



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