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How to purchase GEO.DOMAIN NFT

Hi, I’m Ryan from PlayDapp.

This guide will explain in detail how to purchase GEO.DOMAIN NFT. Getting you ready to start, collecting, trading and using your real- Virtual Address!

How to participate in the GEO.DOMAIN Sale

In order to participate in the NFT sale, you’ll need a cryptocurrency wallet that can store cryptocurrency and NFT. Please refer to the blog below for installing cryptocurrency wallets and purchasing PLA/WETH.

Ethereum or Polygon?

Ethereum is a universal blockchain network used by most people, but recently, NFT issuance (Minting) costs between $30 and $100 due to high fees.

With this in mind GEO.DOMAIN NFT are being sold on the Polygon network, which reduces fees for minting, and transferring them. Meaning you can get more for your spend and have a smoother journey.

GEO.DOMAIN NFT purchase guide

Step 1.
Go to
Click on the “Create your new GEO.DOMAIN NFT” button to begin the purchase.

Select the cryptocurrency wallet to use.

If not already on the Polygon Netowork you may have to change the platform to the polygon network. Slimply click on the button on the top right


Navigate to ther grid you want to purchase by moving the map. The red square is the area you will buy.

Put at least one letter OR number in each box and press “Check Repetitions” button to make sure your 3-word location is unique.

Press the Create button after agreeing to the terms and conditions.

Select the cryptocurrency to use for purchase. The NFT is issued. (Wait until the payment is completed without closing the waiting window)

Issuance complete > You can check the purchase list in My NFT

That’s it, it’s super easy to get your own NFT location, start buying and trading.

I hope you have good luck by occupying your own land and address.



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