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How to Use PLAYZ NFTs in Play-to-Earn 2.0 — Durability in Item Manager

Learn all about the new Durability system, PLAYZ and how it will affect players!

Hello Knights!

We’re pleased to announce that the Play-to-Earn system of Along with the Gods will be upgraded!

We will be revamping the way PLAYZ NFT staking works in the Play-to-Earn system by introducing the Durability system.

Read on to find out how PLAYZ NFT Staking will change and how this will affect you as players and Stakers!

What will Change?

PLAYZ NFTs, when staked in Item Manager, will now have a ‘Durability’ meter which degrades over time while they are Staking. Starting from a top point of 100, the Durability of a PLAYZ NFT affects how much a player can earn from Staking, and once a PLAYZ NFT’s Durability reaches 0 it is no longer able to earn PLA rewards from Staking and will change the Staking status of a player from On to Off.

The durability meter is applied to the staking as a whole, rather than to individual NFT.

All PLAYZ NFT and Durability functions can be handled by the player in Item Manager.

SR and SSR Durability will work slightly differently in the new system:

This means that to earn Daily PLA Rewards, players must be Staking 3 SR PLAYZ NFT’s with Durability greater than 0. If one or more of the SR PLAYZ NFTs reaches 0 Durability Rewards will not be able to be earned.

To restore a PLAYZ NFT’s Durability you can use PLA to restore its Durability in Item Manager. Durability repair cost works on a per-unit basis.

PLAYZ NFTs’ Durability will degrade at a rate of 5% per day

For SR PLAYZ NFTs there are Durability thresholds that will determine the quantity of Rewards earned, whereas SSR PLAYZ NFTs will function on a binary =0/>0 , so as long as your SSR PLAYZ NFTs’ Durability is not 0, you will earn rewards.

SR PLAYZ Rewards will be tabulated based on the cumulative Durability of your three Staked SR PLAYZ NFTs, however, if any PLAYZ NFT reaches 0 Durability all reward earning is halted.

Staked NFT group that reach 0 Durability will continue to function as NFT, however, they will need to be repaired to unstaked. The repair threshold to be met for unstaking is 100%.

Additionally, SSR PLAYZ NFTs are not required for Weekly PvP PLA Rewards.

Players can collect their Major Arena Tickets from Staking in Item Manager in-game through the NFT Benefits tab.

What Do Players Need to Do?

Players need to do nothing with regards to staking if they wish to continue on with earning PLA. All daily earnings will continue, at the rates set for your Durability.

The reward level you receive will be informed by the current level of the NFT durability in Item Manager.

If you do not want to manage NFT durability and staking, with PLA rewards. PlayDapp will be operating a Buyback scheme. Any PLAYZ NFT owner can sell their NFT back to PlayDapp at a fair price.

Players who do not wish to keep their PLAYZ NFTs will be able to unstake their current staked PLAYZ NFTs if they wish and collect a refund from based on Marketplace average prices.

Players will be notified within Item Manager when they need to Repair a PLAYZ NFT’s Durability rating, and will be able to keep track of and Repair from within Item Manager as well!

Daily Durability Reduction: 00:30 UTC+0 (SR, SSR)

We hope this helped you get to grips with the new Durability system and PLAYZ NFT! Keep staking to play and earn!



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