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Item Manager and PLA Claim Process Update

Item Manager updated to make the PLA Claiming process easier and smoother for users

Hello, PlayDapp gamers!

Here at PlayDapp we never stop working on ways to improve the user experience of our services, and now we’re introducing an update to Item Manager, particularly the PLA claiming process.

These changes will help improve communication and display of information to players as well as make the entire process easier and smoother for users.

You’ll see the changes go live on January 27th. Item Manager will be inaccessible during 07:00 — 11:00 UTC.

UI Changes

- A button for claiming rewards has been added to the main screen of Item Manager
- A button for claiming rewards has been added to the Activity & Rewards screen of Item Manager
- A link to Polygonscan has been added to the Activity & Rewards screen of Item Manager
- The hash value will be displayed in a toast message after users receive compensation, and the amount of compensation received will no longer be notified separately in Activity & Rewards.

PLA Claim Process Changes

We’ve decided to implement some changes to the PLA Claim process to make it simpler for users as well as mitigate potential disruptions from external Polygon network factors.

PLA reward claims will be moving entirely to an on-chain process on Polygon. PLA claims will also be a lump sum claim, meaning you can claim anything owed in one go. With a single step.

As recent network conditions on Polygon have shown (e.g Sunflower Farmers), at times daily claims can be an issue.

By reducing the steps and moving to an all-in-one step for Claiming PLA we reduce the number of failure points and reduce the number of actions required by users.

In this setup users will now be responsible for the gas incurred by the token send transaction, but it’s a worthwhile trade-off for the greater control and convenience on the user, it should make your PLA claims much smoother.

Players will still receive the exact same amount of PLA as before but now there’s less for users to manage with single point of claim and the decision is left up to users’ discretion on when to claim their full amount of PLA rewards.

We hope this article helped you understand how and why these changes are occurring. We believe these changes will improve the PLA claiming experience for our users by reducing the number of steps required and shoring up the process. PlayDapp will continue to work on and improve Item Manager as well as its other services.




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