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Korea Blockchain Business-Cooperative Appoints Sung Wone “Moshua” Choi, CEO of SuperTree as Chairman

On April 5th during a recent regular meeting of the Korea Blockchain Business-Cooperative, several appointments were made.

Representative Jun-Ki Hong(Cumberland) and Sang-Jin Hong (Chain Cabinet) elected as vice presidents.

Sung-Wone “Moshua” Choi, CEO of SuperTree, a developer of PlayDapp was appointed as Chairman of the Korea Blockchain Business Cooperative Association.

Additionally, Block Crafters CEO Park Soo-Yong, Codebox CEO Seo Kwang-Yeol, Hashed CEO Kim Seo-Joon, YSK Partners CEO Jung Ju-Hee, Hankey & Partners CEO Kim Han-Seok, and K-Sent CEO Kim Ji-Ho were appointed as directors.

In addition, Huobi Korea CEO Park Si-Deok and Blue Helix CEO Chae-Hoon were elected for the audit.

In his inauguration address, Chairman Sung-Wone Choi said, “Blockchain technology is one of the core technologies in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution. The non-face-to-face era triggered by Corona 19 will further accelerate the expansion and usability of blockchain technology.”

Sung-Wone “Moshua” Choi added, “Among these, small and medium-sized businesses and startups centering on blockchain technology, we should preemptively respond to the Fourth Industrial Revolution and create innovative momentum and a domestic blockchain environment that is competitive in the global market “The Korea Blockchain Business Cooperative Association must work together so that companies can be born.”

Jun-Ho Han, member of the National Assembly of Science and Technology Information Broadcasting and Communication Committee, added his congratulations. Saying

“Congratulations on the start of the second phase of the Korea Blockchain Business Cooperative Association, the only legal body in Korea. The association is already working on the blockchain technology essential for the rapid transition to a non-face-to-face society emerging in Korea.

The National Assembly will also work hard to become a company and technology that is recognized overseas as it is producing achievements in many places in the country.”

Currently, the Korea Blockchain Business Cooperative Association has over 50 member companies and is the only legal association in Korea that has been approved by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups and is recruiting new associations in line with its second launch.

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