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‘League of Kingdom’s’ NFT Land is now purchasable and sell-able with the PlayDapp Token (PLA)

‘League of Kingdoms’ enters the PlayDapp ecosystem!

‘League of Kingdoms’ enters the PlayDapp ecosystem, and MarketPLAce. NFT Land is now purchasable and sellable with PlayDapp Token (PLA).

PlayDapp signed a partnership agreement with NOD Games, agreeing to join forces in expanding the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) ecosystem based on blockchain technology.

On October 3rd, PlayDapp announced that NOD Games’ flagship game “League of Kingdoms” will be newly added to the MarketPLAce. is a C2C marketplace where Non-fungible Tokens (NFT) items can be freely traded among global users. Currently, CryptoDozer and DozerBird are available as NFT trading games.

The new NOD Games’ ‘League of Kingdoms’ is a MMO strategy game that lets players build their own kingdom and compete with each other. Blockchain technology allows users to own their own unique territory, establish their own kingdom in NFT Land, and inject various game resources to improve Land Development. In addition, it is possible to form a coalition in cooperation with other users to increase the value of their territory and engage in user-to-user transactions.

With the partnership between NOD Games and PlayDapp, NFT Land, created in ‘League of Kingdoms’, can be traded between users using PlayDapp token PLA. Thus, the era has come when gamers can engage in digital economic activities through games. PlayDapp Token PLA is available at Upbit KRW and BTC markets.

In particular, it is significant that proven titles with achievements on Ethereum Mainnet have begun to join the PlayDapp Marketplace service.

Meanwhile, in recognition of the fun and completeness of the game, ‘League of Kingdoms’ recently confirmed its entry into Japan through Line Blockchain along with PlayDapp’s CryptoDozer. Its service name is ‘League of Kingdoms for LINE Blockchain’ and it is expected to be serviced within the year.

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