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MASSIVE SS6K Update: New SSR Hero, New Hero Transcendence System, New Guild Raid Bosses

We couldn’t be happier! We’ve got an awesome amount of updates! For all our players! So just what have we launched? Read on to find out!

We’ve got a brand new SSR hero in PlayDapp’s Soul Seeker: 6th Knights and some game-changing new content. Here are all the details you need:

New SSR Hero Serina is Here

Serina is a top-notch Healer hero, blessed with the ultimate support skillset. She has both a Fire element and Water element version.

Her powerful healing abilities, invincibility granting, debuff protection, team stat buffs, and stun attack all combine for incredible effect. She’s the ultimate healer and enabler for her teammates, instantly making any team she’s on better, so make sure you pull on her Summon banner. The chance to summon her will also be increased for her introduction, along with a pickup event, so that’s even more reason to pull for her!

Serina will be a formidable hero with the right equipment set-up. We’d recommend boosting her Vitality and Cooldown Reduction to get the most out of her. If you want more advice on how to equip your characters you can check out our guide here:

New Hero Transcendence System

A new Hero Transcendence system has been added to the game. Now you can take your heroes to another realm of power by breaking past the previous Level 60 limit. To upgrade your heroes through this system you’ll need to obtain Transcendence Stones by combining Elemental Stones.

New Guild Raid Bosses

Guild Raid Bosses will appear for Guilds to take on together. You’ll need to combine your efforts as a Guild to collectively defeat these overwhelming bosses. Overcome these challenging boss fights to earn amazing rewards. Earn Elemental Stones you can use to summon heroes and fuse into Transcendence Stones!

Go check out this awesome new update for yourself in Soul Seeker: 6th Knights right now!

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