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Members+ Mikey Second Minting Plan (Updated on Dec.02)

[About 149 Underground Mikeys]

In the process of preparing the second 10,000 mints for the PlayDapp Members Mikey, an error occurred in which the mint button on the Members+ page was activated, and 149 of the marketing-allocated quotas, equivalent to 2% of the second 10,000 Mikeys, were minted by users.

We will acknowledge the ownership of 149 Mikeys as being due to a mistake by the Development Team, not abnormal access by a specific user. Only the remaining 51 Mikeys will be allocated for marketing purposes.

※ Wallet addresses that minted 149 Mikeys are excluded from the whitelist.

In addition, we would like to share with you the second minting plan for accepting new members and the benefits for existing members: Underground Stakers.

[Members+ Mikey Second Minting Plan]

PlayDapp plans to launch another P2E game service that uses Mikey as a profile during December. In addition, we will also apply additional benefits using existing services such as Marketplace and Tournaments. To enrich the member’s ecosystem in line with the expansion of services and benefits, a total of 10,000 Members+ Mikey will be additionally minted. (Including 2% of marketing volume)

Among them, only five Rising Star Mikeys and 9,795 Underground Mikeys will be provided randomly, and here is how users can get their Mikeys minted.

  1. 9,800 Mikey Random Tracks NFTs will be airdropped through Coinmarketcap’s Free Airdrop campaign called ‘Diamond Reward Program.’
  2. Users with a Mikey Random Track NFT can enter the PlayDapp Land established on the Members+ page.
  3. Tracks can be exchanged(revealed) for Mikey at the ‘Exchange Booth’ in PlayDapp Land.

Challenge your luck with the new minting experience of getting NFTs through PlayDapp Land, visualized in 3D, plus a new grade of Members+ Rising Star Mikey collection will be given to only 5 wallets.

[Benefits of Underground Mikey Stakers]

Existing Underground Mikey Stakers will receive ‘Bamboo Juice (aka. Potion NFT),’ which can upgrade Underground Mikey to the ‘Rising Star’ level.

(Only for Underground Mikey with numbers 1–10,000)

On December 12th at 12:12 PM (UTC+0), we will airdrop ‘Bamboo Juice,’ a powerful material item that can upgrade Underground level to Rising Star, to all the Underground Mikey Stakers.

The ‘Bamboo Juice’ airdrop for the relevant wallets will be sent directly to the user’s wallet in December.

[Introduction of Bamboo Juice]

Each grade has a different upgrade probability, and there are a total of four grades of Bamboo Juice.

Bamboo Juice grades are airdropped randomly.

Attempts to upgrade the Underground Mikeys using Bamboo Juice are available on the Members+ page during Q1 in 2023.

[Introduction of Rising Star]

Various airdrops are planned for Mikey’s second-level Rising Star Stakers. In addition, they can enjoy early-bird access to Marketplace Drops, and more benefits will be revealed!



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