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‘N=FT², the Metaverse!

Sung Wone “Moshua” Choi, CEO of Supertree, a developer of PlayDapp, attended the first TechM conference held at Korea’s famous IT media hub TechM.

The ‘TechM Conference’ was held on April 16 under the theme of ‘Reimagining the Future.’ A place where many industry experts attend to share insights on the content industry and the Metaverse world created by blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and virtual reality (VR) as well as augmented reality (AR) technologies.

SuperTree CEO Sung Wone “Moshua” Choi presented during the 1st session. Championing the central idea that in the future, the metaverse will change the way we meet. The presentation, under the theme of ‘N=FT², the metaverse and the law of universal gravitation of the NFT’, was unusual being held in a virtual space within the metaverse game Roblox to draw attention to the new possibilities this arena provides.

In particular, Choi said that in the metaverse industry, the two most important things in the metaverse industry are user participation and virtual currency, and emphasized that in the near future of NFT that PlayDapp believes, NFT will become a Meta Currency.

The metaverse has several compelling features. For PlayDapp three related to NFT show exciting potential.

The first use case: Interoperability between game items

Using blockchain NFT technology, ownership of user items can be entirely attributed to the user, and game items can be interoperated with each other in other games.

Character NFTs obtained from CryptoDozer, PlayDapp’s flagship blockchain game can be used in DozerBird, and conversely, the NFT obtained from DozerBird, keys, can be used to open reward chests in CryptoDozer.

The second use case: NFT allows you to have your own virtual location, truly unique and only yours in the world.

Real-world location NFT are virtual grid addresses that can represent real-world iconic or personally significant locations. These can be mapped to an NFT and allow true ownership of these significant locations.

The third use case: Nike’s NFT patent

On December 10, 2019, Nike’s NFT system was registered with the U.S. Patent Office. These NFT can be used to determine authentic Nike’s products. The CryptoKicks system allows collectors and enthusiasts to purchase and collect with confidence through NFT certification. In addition, the NFT system also allows you to create your own new shoes via a function where you “breed” virtual shoes.

Capping off the presentation, PlayDapp’s prototype metaverse game, ‘PlayDapp Town’ was also revealed.

You can get a taste of PlayDapp Town with the following gallery.

Details on the whole TechM conference can be found on the YouTube channel TechM.

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