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Nhumer Raid Guide

How to slay the Devourer of the Desert

Hello Knights! We’re back with another Raid guide for you, this time we’ll be giving you all the info you need to dominate the Nhumer Raid! If you missed out on our previous guide to the Kraken Raid you can read it here:

Nhumer is a fearsome Fire attribute Raid Boss who can make short work of any unprepared adventurers. After you clear the first 3 stages of mobs, you’ll come face-to-face with the monster itself!

Nhumer has arguably the best overall rune drops of all Raid Bosses, as he drops the highly coveted Evasion, Accuracy and Warrior runes. All these rune types are amazing and see significant usage, especially Evasion and Warrior runes which a lot of the top players like to run on their Heroes. This makes the Nhumer Raid a high priority Raid and an important part of progression in the game.

Nhumer hits hard and fast on the physical side, so you’ll need to make sure your team is equipped to deal with constant heavy physical attacks. They also come with a whole range of nasty debuffs and harmful effects that will seriously hurt and slow down your team. Additionally, Nhumer’s kit contains several powerful self-buffs on both the defensive and offensive end, which makes him a tricky opponent to survive and take down.

Nhumer’s first skill inflicts Stun and Burn and the second auto decreases the team’s Magic Power and Physical Defense while the third auto increases his own Magic Defense and Physical Defense by 50% each. Nhumer’s passives are equally as powerful, with the first passive increasing his Attack Power by 200% and the second decreasing Nhumer’s skill cooldown by 5 seconds every time a team member is defeated.

Read on to find out how to overcome the Devourer of the Desert!

Recommended Heroes

Here’s our list of recommended Heroes to use in the Nhumer Raid, we’ve tried to strike a balance between accessibility and viability for players with our selections.

They’ve been separated by class and come with some honorable mentions of other great Heroes you can use:


Melvin will be a key Hero in defeating Nhumer for many players and comes with our highest recommendation. He’s very easy to obtain and fully Awaken and Transcend, and his unique characteristics make him especially effective in taking down Nhumer. He possesses a HP% attack, ability to reduce an opponent’s Defense, can buff his team’s Attack Speed and Critical Hit rate and has the capability to self-sustain throughout the battle. A well-built and fully upgraded Melvin can essentially solo Nhumer and function as a hybrid Tank/Melee DPS. We recommend equipping Vampire and Evasion runes and investing in him if you want a reliable Nhumer killer.

For more detailed information on Melvin you can check out his Hero Spotlight article :

Siho is a natural 4-star Melee Hero and is also highly effective against Nhumer, although not quite as good as Melvin. Her attacks do HP% damage and cause the Bleed and Poison effects on Critical Hits, which make her a highly effective Melee DPS in the Nhumer Raid. She’s also able to sustain herself with an Evasion boosting skill and 40% HP recovery on damage dealt with her auto skill.

Honorable Mentions: Sha’Rade, Lucius


Zemer is a great tank in most circumstances and he’s excellent against Nhumer too. Zemer is a true team player against an opponent like Nhumer, with his team Physical Defense and Inability Resistance buffs and ability to inflict the Blind status also helping out the rest of his team. Zemer can be obtained through Hero Combination in the Temple of Heroes.

For more detailed information on Zemer check out his Hero Spotlight article:

Atmos is an incredible Hero and she shines in the Nhumer Raid. She can withstand Nhumer’s attacks and keep fighting all while supporting her teammates. Her Harmful Effect Immunity buff reduces Nhumer’s disruptions to your team and her other team buffs, especially her shield, will greatly boost your team’s survival rate and ability to finish Nhumer.

Honorable Mentions: Peko, Karen


Kaor is a 5-star Range Hero with a good mix of damage dealing capabilities and CC effects. His abilities work well in the Nhumer Raid as he not only deals solid damage but has several beneficial effects attached to his skills such as Slowdown and Excessive Bleeding which help a lot in mitigating Nhumer’s onslaught.

Akurel is often compared to Kaor for their similar characteristics and although Kaor often comes out of those comparisons slightly ahead, Akurel is still a great Hero and has one distinct advantage over Kaor: Akurel is a natural 4-star Hero which makes him easier to Awaken and Transcend than Kaor. Akurel also provides great damage output and beneficial effects such as reducing the opponents’ Attack Speed and inducing Stun and Silence.

Tallia is a very easily obtainable 3–star Hero, she appears in Heroic Dungeons, who can do a lot of damage against Nhumer. Her ease of acquisition as well as upgrading can make her an incredibly viable choice for a Water Range DPS for many players if they don’t possess Kaor or Akurel. Her active skill halves the target’s Physical Defense, allowing herself and her teammates to inflict big damage. Her auto skill also ignores the opponent’s Defense stat which is especially useful against an opponent like Nhumer. She can also inflict the Blind and Bleed statuses with her attacks.

Honorable Mentions: Lin


Alexis is a Hero you’ll be familiar with if you’re an avid player of Arena mode. He’s one of the most powerful Heroes in the game and with his Water attribute advantage over Nhumer he’s a force to be reckoned with. Not only do Alexis’ attacks deal a huge amount of damage, with his active skill hitting with guaranteed Critical Hits, but they also debuff the enemy a ton. He can inflict Slowdown, Damage Weapon, Weaken and Stun with his attacks.

Elheim is designed to take down Raid Bosses and as a Water attribute Hero, she’s a huge threat to Nhumer. Her HP% based Magic attacks will strip Nhumer’s HP bar down quickly and the effects on her attacks are also very helpful. Her attacks can inflict multiple instances of the Poison status as well as Stun, providing steady passive damage in addition to her powerful active skill, Void Spear.

Zenon is a high-capacity Magic DPS, who isn’t a specialist in Raids but is arguably the best Magic DPS Hero against Nhumer. Zenon’s active skill hits with HP% damage and his other skills carry a bunch of super helpful debuffs and effects. He can induce lowered Attack Speed, Stun, Weaken and Slowdown with his attacks which greatly hinder Nhumer all while pumping out big damage numbers.

Turan is a more accessible option for Water Magic Heroes than the 5-star Heroes listed above him and is still highly effective as a Raid specialist. His Light Shards can also be obtained with Raid Coins in the Special Shop. His active skill packs a huge punch against Nhumer with its bonus HP% damage while also reducing Physical Defense by 50%, and many players will find him more than adequate in the role of Magic DPS against Nhumer.

Honorable Mentions: Tiat, Oliver


Ramia is an amazing all-round Support Hero with healing, team buffs, opponent debuffs and a little bit of damage dealing thrown in too. Ramia’s ability to provide Harmful Effect Immunity, healing and reduce Nhumer’s Attack Power by 30% are particularly helpful. These characteristics, which the Fire Heroes Styx and Kadus also share, plus her Water attribute make her a leading candidate for your Nhumer team.

Hellen is a natural 3-star Hero, but an evolved 5-star copy is given out to players at the beginning of the game. Most players should have a copy of her lying around, which helps make her easy to recommend to the average player. If not, you can always obtain her through the Heroic Dungeon and upgrade her easily. She’s a very steady, solid healer and with the attribute advantage against Nhumer she does a fine job. Hellen will be a viable option if you don’t possess any of the other Support Heroes mentioned, such as Kadus or Ramia. However, as you take on the higher level Nhumer stages she may become less effective, especially in a solo Support role and we recommend supplementing her or replacing her entirely once you get to the highest level Nhumer Raids.

It may seem odd to recommend using a Hero who has an attribute disadvantage against a Raid Boss but Ardo is an exception in this case. Ardo is renowned for being one of the best straight-up healers in the game. His skillset doesn’t contain anything fancy like debuffs or magic attacks, he just heals and cleanses your team but he does it well and sometimes that’s all you need.

Honorable Mentions: Styx, Kadus, Misty, Oswald

Putting it all Together

Now that you know which Heroes you should be looking out for, let’s put them together and talk about composition and strategy. As Nhumer is a Fire attribute Boss you’ll be relying primarily on Water attribute Heroes to take him down, especially in the damage-dealing department.

We recommend having at least one support unit when facing Nhumer for healing and, if possible, cleansing and status removal. Having DPS Heroes with HP% attacks will be critical to taking on Nhumer effectively. Having a Tank Hero in your frontline can be very helpful especially if your team is frail as they will be able to absorb some of Nhumer’s offensive pressure and provide a defensive boost to the rest of your team, however some teams can function without one.

Nhumer can be punishing for defensively weak teams or teams that can’t finish him quickly enough so it may be necessary to run two support Heroes to sustain your team and ensure your team doesn’t wipe out. If your team has enough offensive firepower to put Nhumer down quickly you may only need one support Hero and can run a solo Melee DPS in your frontline with your other Heroes being Range and Magic DPS Heroes, but at the highest levels of the Nhumer Raids this will require fully upgraded/transcended Heroes to pull off consistently. As usual against Raid Bosses, Heroes who can use HP% damage attacks will carry the load offensively.

Heroes that can debuff Nhumer’s Attack and Attack Speed will be very beneficial, in addition to Heroes who can buff your own teams’ stats, especially Defense, to survive Nhumer’s attacks. Heroes such as Zemer and Atmos are great for this purpose as they buff your team’s Defense and shield from Harmful and Inability Effects which will stop Nhumer from overwhelming you. Having a Hero who can negate Nhumer’s self Defense buff is also important if you plan to make Physical Attackers the focus of your team

Melvin has an ability which cuts enemies’ Physical Defense by 50% for 10 seconds which provides a huge window of opportunity for himself and his Range and Melee teammates to hit Nhumer for big damage. Tallia and Turan have similar skills to reduce Physical Defense, and combined they can open Nhumer up to huge damage on the physical side. Look for synergies like this among your pool of viable Heroes.

As always, prioritize ensuring completion over anything else when making a Raid team, there’s nothing worse than leaving an auto-battle run going and coming back to see that you wiped out.

The goal of building a Raid team is building a team strong enough to successfully auto-battle a Raid Boss. If your team isn’t strong enough to auto clear a stage every time without fail then you should add another support Hero for the extra security, or perhaps change your overall team composition around to see if something else works better, or drop down a level in the Nhumer Raid.

We hope you enjoyed this guide and found it useful. Let us know the roster and strategy you use to fight Nhumer or any other thoughts you may have in the comments!



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