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Notice about Mikey Members

Here is the information about Mikey Members.

Currently, Mikey Members is planning to introduce the second Mint and Members Upgrade feature in December.

※ We are planning an Upgradable Potion Airdrop for Rising Star to members who are having Mikeys with the existing token ID of 1–10,000.

However, while developing the feature under the plan outlined above, an error occurred where the button was displayed on the existing Minting page.

As a result, some of the Mikey’s minting have been progressed and currently, measures have been taken to prevent them from being displayed again.

We sincerely apologize for the confusion caused by this error.

As a measure for this issue, users who have conducted the minting this time will be excluded from the list of the coming second new mint.

Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience caused by this error.

Also, please look forward to the second Minting of Mikey Members, which will be released soon.

Thank you.



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