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Over $53,000 won by Along with the Gods PVP Players 03/30/2022

500 winners earned 47,000 PLA tokens and thousands of dollars in rewards this week!

Hello Knights!

Another intense week of competition has ended in the Arena! Read on for all the details of the latest PVP week and the full rankings/rewards table. It’s been awesome to see another massive sum of PLA rewards — $53,580*- going out!

This week all 500 PLA winners’ slots were filled again!

More than 500 players staked SSR NFTs and 500 managed to fight their way into the rankings!

Major Arena Winners March 30th — 500 winners!

Another huge week of rewards for Along with the Gods PvP players, earning a total of $53,580!

The #1 ranked player managed to earn themselves a whopping $3,192 and a total of 500 players earned themselves some sweet PLA rewards, taking up all available reward slots!

Where did you end up on the list? If you aren’t on there don’t despair, there’s a new chance every week to end up on the rankings and earn some PLA!

PvP rewards — Rules reminder!|

We have 500 winning spots up for grabs every week! That means we have PLA set aside for up to 500 people that are staking! And we cut out people that aren’t staking, moving people up the list.

So battle hard every week and earn as many ranking points as you can! Competition is fierce but the rewards are worth it!

Get your SSR NFT ready, get them staked, and earn!

Pick up SR, SSR PLAYZ NFTs for Staking and Ancient God Heroes plus Runes on the Marketplace here:

What is Along with the Gods?

Along with the Gods is a play-to-earn mobile RPG and part of PlayDapp’s multi-homing game strategy, in which players can easily move across and use various platforms. It refers to games where players can leverage their playtime and accomplishments from one game to other games, metaverses, and blockchain platforms.

Players can be rewarded in Along with the Gods by doing either or both Daily Quests or Weekly PvP battles. For more information on how to start being rewarded for your game time in Along With the Gods, check out the guide below:

  • PLA monetary value calculated in $USD and price as reflected by as of time of writing

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