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Pantahras Raid Guide

How to slay Dekhain’s Demon

Hello Knights! We’re back with another Raid guide for you, this time we’ll be giving you all the info you need to dominate the Pantaharas Raid! If you missed out on our previous guide to the Nhumer and Kraken Raids you can read them here:

Pantahras is an Earth attribute Raid Boss, and he’s a tricky proposition for adventurers. He can hit you with both Physical and Magical attacks and has an arsenal of nasty and deadly Harmful Effects that can easily catch unprepared opponents off guard.

The rune drops from Pantahras include Defense, Attack and Rage runes. Attack and Defense runes are commonly used starter runes, while Rage runes are a bit more exotic but can be used to great effect in certain situations.

This guide will show you which heroes to use against Pantahras and the methods you can use to overcome and slay Dekhain’s Demon.

Pantahras’ attacks will inflict multiple harmful effects at once and understanding these is the key to beating the Pantahras Raid.

Pantahras’ first skill will hit on the physical side of the spectrum and inflict Time Bombs on your team that explode for huge damage after a few seconds.

The second skill Pantahras possesses hits on the physical side of the spectrum and inflicts the Bleed status on its targets, which hits for damage over time and ignores the target’s defensive stats.

Pantahras’ Rot attack will hit on the Magic side of the spectrum and also inflict Poison, which hits for damage over time and ignores the target’s defensive stats.

Pantahras’ passive Gluttony increases Magic Defense by 500%. When you consider that in the Level 13 Raid Pantahras’ Magic Defense sits at a whopping base 9,976 before the passive kicks in, compared to a relatively paltry 614 Physical Defense, it makes sense to focus on Physical attackers.

Unfortunately, gathering the best heroes for the Pantahras Raid is a bit more difficult than in the Nhumer Raid or Kraken Raid as there are more specific requirements for team building, and a lot of the recommended heroes are 4 or 5-stars.

Recommended Heroes


Hwa Ryun isn’t exactly a marquee hero, but during the Pantahras Raid she takes center-stage. Her kit is tailor-made to kill Pantahras and she can easily carry a team to victory. Her Active skill ignores the enemy’s Physical Defense stat when attacking and also halves the enemy’s Physical Defense, and reduces their Attack Power by 30%. She can heal herself without Vampire runes as she naturally has the Vampire Effect on her attacks. She can also buff her own Attack Speed. With Critical and Vampire runes equipped she becomes the perfect solo DPS carry against Pantahras.

Mei, an Ancient Goddess Hero, is the premier Pantahras killer in Along with the Gods, and she has the highest usage rate among heroes for Level 13 of the Pantahras Raid. Her attacks not only do a large amount of damage they also have a range of powerful effects including inflicting Silence and blocking Beneficial Effects. Many of her attacks also have the Vampire Effect, so she can heal herself through her own damage. Mei is also a top-tier hero in Arena and the Python Raid.

Phantom Knight is a natural 3-star Hero and the most easily attainable hero on this list but he’s still a great choice to use. Phantom Knight’s most notable feature is having multiple attacks that can inflict the Bleed status, which can quickly add up on his opponents. He has a well balanced kit and with the attribute advantage against Pantahras, he more than holds his own. If you’re reluctant to invest time and resources into a more obscure 3-star hero, just keep in mind that Phantom Knight can also be used in Minor Arena, where he’s very underrated, and the Python Raid to great effect.


Blith is an amazing all-round Tank and rivals any 5-star Hero despite being a natural 4-star Hero. He provides good healing and support from the frontline against Pantahras. Blith fits more into the meat shield archetype so he won’t provide much in the way of offense. Accordingly, you’ll need to partner him with some other heavy hitters. He is an exceptional damage sponge and functions almost as an auxiliary Support hero.

Phoenix provides a variety of shields to protect his teammates and blunts the opponent’s Attack Power with his auto skills, and is a sturdy Tank with an attribute advantage over Pantahras. His Active skill Shield protects 3 allies and increases their Physical Defense by 50%. His passive Elemental King’s Dignity increases his resistance to Harmful Effects by 30%, making him less susceptible to Pantahras’ abilities.

Morox is a recently released Fire Tank Hero and he’s outstanding against Pantahras. He provides a range of buffs to the team that are especially helpful against Pantahras. Morox inflicts Stun and Slowdown on his enemies while also reducing their Physical Defense by 50% and provides a Physical Shield and 30% Attack Speed buff to his allies.

Atmos is one of the few Water attribute heroes that can be recommended for use against Pantahras, which backs up the fact that she is commonly regarded as the best Tank hero in the game. Atmos provides a damage shield for her allies but her biggest benefit is her ability to remove all harmful effects on all allies with her Active skill, granting them immunity from all harmful effects for 5 seconds and the 15% chance she has to remove a harmful effect on all allies whenever Atmos is attacked. This makes her invaluable, despite her attribute disadvantage.


Lizzy is the best Fire Range Hero in the game right now and she’s a force to be reckoned with against Pantahras. She inflicts multiple statuses against enemies including Slowdown, Bleed and Burn in addition to hitting with multiple guaranteed Critical attacks. She’s also a strong Arena Hero and a must-have in the Python Raid too, so she’s well worth investing in.

Lin is at the absolute pinnacle of Raid heroes and even with just a neutral attribute match-up she shines against Pantahras. Her attacks are not only extremely powerful by themselves but they also inflict bonus HP% damage which is crucial against Raid Bosses. Lin can also Armor Break enemies, reducing their Physical Defense by 100%, softening them up for herself and other Physical attackers to deal huge amounts of damage. Lin is a hero that all players should be using, especially as she’s attainable freely in the Temple of Heroes through Hero Combination.

Prospera’s kit provides a ton of buffs to her teammates while also dealing large amounts of damage. Her Leader Skill is also one of the best in the entire game as she boosts your backline’s HP by 50% each, which makes a huge difference to the survivability of herself and her teammates. She also boosts your team’s Attack Speed and Critical damage while granting herself the Vampire Effect with her passive Adrenalin. Combine Prospera with other DPS heroes like Lin and Hwa Ryun to really maximize their offensive potential.


Ardo is a rock-solid healer and his skills are perfect against Pantahras. Ardo can provide steady healing throughout the battle with multiple healing skills, provide a shield for an ally, and also cleanse your team of the harmful effects Pantahras inflicts. Ardo can also self-revive when his HP is depleted, providing him with even more longevity.

Kadus is a perfect Support hero for the Pantahras Raid with his diverse support skills and attribute advantage. He possesses multiple healing skills providing a steady stream of HP for his allies, a damage blocking shield, the ability to strip his enemies of beneficial effects and he can remove up to two harmful effects at a time from each of his allies.

Divana’s unique abilities make her a useful Support hero against almost any enemy in the game and against Pantahras she provides invaluable team support. Her most notable skill is her Shield which negates any and all damage on herself and her allies for 5 seconds. She also boosts her allies’ Physical Attack Power and Physical Defense and heals them for 30% of their Max HP with her Active skill.

Vern is a 4-star alternative to Styx and Kadus, and is a great hero in his own right. His attribute advantage and Support skills make him a compelling pick, especially as he can nullify Pantahras’ deadly Time Bombs, in addition to the rest of his healing and team support. His Transfusion skill will play a huge role in battle, granting all allies the Vampire effect for 10 seconds and removing two harmful effects from them.

Styx isn’t as pure of a healer as Kadus or Divana but is still a powerful Support hero to use in the Pantahras Raid. He debuffs his enemies and buffs your team, with his biggest buff reducing the team’s Skill Cooldown by two turns, and throws in a moderate amount of healing. His various debuffs will hinder Pantahras and allow your heavy hitters to freely unleash their skills. If your team is sturdy enough to withstand Pantahras and you’re going for a more offensive approach, Styx can be a great choice to make your battles against Pantahras run smoothly.

There are some other options than the heroes mentioned above, such as Lamus Priest for Fire Support Heroes, as he’s capable of both healing his allies and removing harmful effects. Alshara, an Earth Support Hero, is also another good shout with a range of healing and team buffs, as is the newly released Marcus for similar reasons, although they don’t remove Harmful Effects and may require additional support. Another more left-field option for a tank in the Pantahras Raid is Laon. He has multiple attacks that inflict bonus HP% damage, can create a Physical Shield for 3 allies, inflict Bleed and reduce the enemy’s Defense by 50%.


You can also use any other powerful Earth, Dark/Light or Fire Physical attackers you already have, such as Glen, Serena and Lucius, you just need to support them correctly against Pantahras.

Planning your Victory

Due to the constant active and passive damage Pantahras inflicts, you’ll need at least one Support hero who can keep up and provide adequate healing as well as a method to dispose of the Time Bombs and Status Afflictions Pantahras inflicts on enemies. Left unchecked, the combination of Time Bombs, Bleed and Poison will quickly eliminate a team. Pantaharas’ Time Bomb and Bleed can stack on your heroes as well.

It can be difficult to get a read on the flow of battle against Pantahras, especially if you play on Auto or x2 Speed, due to the bursts of damage that will occur, so beware!

Look for heroes with Harmful Effect removal and strong HP healing skills. How you deal with the Time Bombs and other harmful effects will be the crucial factor against Pantahras. Having a Tank, especially one that can provide supplementary healing, cleansing or shields, can also be very beneficial.

If you’re playing manually you’ll have an easier time as you can conserve your cleansing and healing skills and time their use to remove the effects of Bombs, Poison and Bleed as needed.

On the offensive end, you’ll want to have multiple strong Physical DPS Heroes in your team as Pantahras is highly resistant to Magical attacks. Heroes that can self-sustain with Vampire effects, especially without relying on runes, will also excel against Pantahras, the two primary examples of this being Mei and Hwa Ryun. Heroes such as Lizzy and Phantom Knight who can inflict Bleed and Burn will also help in bringing down Pantahras. Any heroes who can reduce an enemy’s Physical Defense will be especially helpful as you should have a team filled with Melee and Range heroes.

Pantahras requires some specific teambuilding and tactics to counter his unique characteristics, so keep these guidelines in mind as you build your team.

As always, prioritize ensuring completion over anything else when making a Raid team, there’s nothing worse than leaving an auto-battle run going and coming back to see that you wiped out.

The goal of building a Raid team is building a team strong enough to successfully auto-battle a Raid Boss. If your team isn’t strong enough to auto clear a stage every time without fail then you should add another support Hero for the extra security, or perhaps change your overall team composition around to see if something else works better. If all else fails, just drop down a level in the Pantahras Raid.

We hope you enjoyed this guide and found it useful. Let us know the roster and strategy you use to fight Pantahras or any other thoughts you may have in the comments!

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