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PLA is heading to Uniswap 🦄 and QuickSwap 🐲

PlayDapp gamers. We have some incredible news. From Now PLA is officially on Uniswap🦄! As if that wasn’t enough good news, hot on its’ heels is QuickSwap 🐲!

While PLA is listed officially on Upbit, we know that for some this has meant their access to PLA has been limited. The move to, not only one but two Liquidity providers is great for bringing PLA to more people in easier ways.

Liquidity for PLA on Ethereum will be delivered through Uniswap, a smart contract service, allowing ERC-20 tokens to be traded. Liquidity for PLA on Polygon will be delivered through QuickSwap, which allows for Polygon-based ERC-20 tokens to be traded. Both enable liquidity by holding PLA in pools.

As well as providing liquidity, users of the PlayDapp Polygon Marketplace now have the ability to use PLA via QuickSwap.

For those who have been missing out on the Upbit Listing — we’re now LIVE on Uniswap!

Remember to check to make sure you’re always using the official addresses and contracts.


Official PLA Contract — Ethereum: 0x3a4f40631a4f906c2BaD353Ed06De7A5D3fCb430

Official PLA Contract —Polygon:

Official Pair Address — Uniswap

Official Pair Address — Quickswap

This double hitter of Uniswap and QuickSwap is great news for the entire vision of PlayDapp. Two trusted sites in the wider crypto sphere. With the official pools of PLA on both Uniswap and QuickSwap, we’ll be able to see PLA getting in the hands of more users across the blockchain space.

Look out for a guide on using both Uniswap and Quickswap soon.

Here at PlayDapp, we have lots to share with you over the coming weeks and months. Make sure you follow all our official channels to stay up to date.



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