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PlayDapp and Hancom sign a strategic partnership to deliver Hancom Typing World Cup!

A global tournament NFT game blending education, blockchain, and Hangeul.

▶️Application of NFT and blockchain technology to ‘Hancom Typing Practice,’ a typing game of the Korean alphabetic system Hangeul.

▶️Development of global games targeting international Hallyu fans who are interested in Hangeul

▶️Official release in June 2022 on the PlayDapp platform

▶️Hosting and promotion of an international e-sports tournament, “Hancom Typing World Cup”

[March 14, 2022] Blockchain game service platform PlayDapp (CEO Brian Choi) and Hancom Inc. (030520. KOSDAQ) (CEO Kim Yeon-soo, Byun Sung-joon) announced on March 14 that it will join forces in a strategic partnership to develop NFT, or “non-fungible token” games based on the Korean alphabetic system Hangeul.

The “Korean Wave” or Hallyu fever sweeping across the world has driven a growing global trend of people who want to study the Korean language. The collaboration between the two companies will propel the NFT gaming business to target users interested in learning the Korean alphabetic system using Hancom’s Hangeul typing practice game “Hancom Typing”.

Hancom will develop new global games based on blockchain and NFT technology using its Hancom Typing IP. Meanwhile, PlayDapp will spearhead marketing activities and international service of its latest releases through its blockchain game platform. The joint effort will let users acquire NFT through games and trade the NFTs they have acquired through the PlayDapp Marketplace.

Hancom plans to achieve not only technical advancement through this development but also create fun and engaging content by using K-POP lyrics or K-Drama lines in the in-game typing missions.

PlayDapp and Hancom aim to launch the service officially in June 2022 and subsequently host an e-sports tournament such as the Hancom Typing World Cup. The competition is expected to establish Hancom Typing as a global game representing Hangeul.

“PlayDapp” is a decentralized app, “DApp” game service platform that provides blockchain-based NFT marketplaces. Its native utility token PlayDapp (PLA), is the only Korean project listed on Binance and Coinbase, respectively the world’s №1 and №2 virtual asset exchanges. It is also listed on Europe’s Bittrex Global and Korea’s Upbit and has recently launched a 3D metaverse game PlayDapp Land on Roblox in the United States.

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