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PlayDapp and SUPERPLAY sign an MOU on building an NFT platform based on gaming lifestyle

PlayDapp and SUPERPLAY sign an MOU on building an NFT platform based on gaming lifestyle platform innovation using PlayDapp x SUPERPLAY game license, expanding entry from local to international markets.

Boosting competitiveness of NFT platforms through PlayDapp and SUPERPLAY collaboration.

New revenue streams and synergy are anticipated as SUPERPLAY enters the NFT market using its licensing businesses.

[March 10th, 2022] PlayDapp will collaborate with SUPERPLAY to strengthen the competitiveness of the non-fungible token platform (“non-fungible token,” hereinafter referred to as ‘NFT’). Blockchain service platform PlayDapp CEO Brian Choi announced on the 10th that it had signed a strategic business partnership with SUPERPLAY, the nation’s largest gaming lifestyle company, with CEO Lee Kwan-woo and Kim Jung-hyun.

Through the agreement, the two companies plan to join forces to advance the competitiveness of the future NFT market by innovating an NFT platform based on gaming lifestyle, which has emerged as the next-generation item.

SUPERPLAY is a gaming lifestyle brand established in 2017. It engages in popular game licensing businesses ranging from League of Legends’ Faker merchandise items, Battleground goods, game IP-based goods, and creator items for game streamers Gunrimbo, Murdoch, Lilka, and Gamst. Recently, it has gained the spotlight as a killer brand in the game commerce industry after launching its offline specialty stores in Lotte Premium Outlet Time Villas and AK Plaza.

PlayDapp is the only Korean firm to have its native token (PLA) PlayDapp listed on Binance, the world’s №1 virtual asset exchange, followed by Coinbase, the world’s 2nd, and other major exchanges such as Upbit after undergoing rigorous screening procedures. Along with the blockchain-based NFT marketplace, it provides various multi-homing games where users can enjoy and trade NFT items. It is taking the lead in supporting blockchain technology for local and international game developers who aim to build blockchain infrastructure through PlayDapp SDK (Software Development Kit). Recently, PlayDapp also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with digital IP platform company ‘IPX (formerly Line Friends)’ and announced a Metaverse and NFT-based business initiative using digital IP generation platform ‘FRENZ’.

PlayDapp’s head of business Sang Chung, notes, “If we combine SUPERPLAY’s license know-how and PlayDapp’s blockchain technology, we will be able to develop various businesses such as digitalization of spot goods. This partnership will generate new revenue streams and create synergy between the two companies by innovating an NFT platform and boosting the competitiveness of the PlayDapp platform itself.”

“The blockchain-based NFT industry is just the beginning,” says SUPERPLAY CEO Lee Kwan-woo. “We will pave the way for mass adoption in what is deemed challenging NFT market by combining the top-notch game development expertise of PlayDapp and the design, production, and distribution capability we have amassed in the game license business.”



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