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PlayDapp — signs contract with ASTA IP Holder SuperTree for Blockbuster ASTA MMORPG mobile game service

This agreement will lead to an upcycled blockchain version of ASTA and more work with developers.

PlayDapp and SuperTree signed a strategic partnership on January 14th, 2021, for the IP (Intellectual Property) & Service rights to globally recognized PC MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) ‘ASTA.

SuperTree, a blockchain game developer, recently signed an asset transfer agreement for ASTA’s IP and received all game rights as the new IP holder. ‘ASTA’ is an East Asian inspired fantasy MMORPG with original stories and rich graphics. A blockbuster game IP, with over 18 million dollars of investment in development over its 5-year development history.

With the agreement between PlayDapp and SuperTree, PlayDapp plans to expand its blockchain business by working with Korean and Chinese developers with SuperTree to introduce mobile games ‘ASTA M’ and ‘ASTA Origin’ based on the compelling ‘ASTA’ IP.

The release of new games based on the ‘ASTA’ IP is expected to contribute to the expansion of PlayDapp’s game ecosystem. While also helping the revitalization of the PlayDapp Token (PLA), PlayDapp’s native token for its interoperable blockchain game service.

At the same time, PlayDapp plans to provide rewards to all developers, distributors, and users participating in the PlayDapp ecosystem via a unique membership program, currently under development and due for release in the future.

Find out more from our official ASTA site.




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