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PlayDapp attends NFT.LA, the largest conference for NFT innovation in Los Angeles, California

Attending from March 28th to 31st.

Los Angeles, California, hosts the world’s largest annual NFT conference for the first time!

The NFT.LA Conference, held at the LA Convention Center, was slightly smaller than last year’s event but gained attention in the star-studded city from many Hollywood celebrities, including Mark Cuban and Jiho. The presentations and discussions that took center stage during the entire 3-day duration gained favorable reviews, establishing the conference as a B2B-oriented event.

PlayDapp participated in a panel discussion session held on the 30th at 1:30 p.m. local time. Sang, head of PlayDapp’s operations, joined Prakash Somosundram of Enjinstarter, CJ Hetherington of Atlantis World, and Johnny Casamassina of Jam City.

The panel discussion theme highlighted “the challenges and approaches in bringing ordinary people, not just cryptocurrency users, into the blockchain game experience.”

Panel members agreed that difficulties such as non-familiarity with blockchain exist for the public, emphasizing the need to minimize technical and business barriers in order to improve user experience.

Particularly in PlayDapp’s case, Sang explained the strengths of validated user experience based on the existing freemium business model (or “free-to-play” model in the game industry), which has paved the way for blockchainization.

Sang notes, “There is still backlash against the freemium business model in the West, but this is a misconception since the top 10–20% of users generate the majority of sales in the sales flow. In a free-to-play environment, users can spend only as much as they can afford and still be able to compete in the game.”

“There is also prejudice that mobile games lack depth. Users in the emerging market, which are important for P2E services, play games and make payments through mobile devices than desktops. As an emerging market target having the highest growth rate, we should emphasize the importance of mobile platform services in game development.”

After the panel discussion, PlayDapp received follow-up questions from interested developers who were eager to explore the advantages of collaborating with PlayDapp. Potential partnerships were discussed, and the conference concluded with significant outcomes and bright prospects for PlayDapp.




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