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PlayDapp completes ETH 2.0 Validation

An exciting step on the journey of PlayDapp and our Ecosystem.

Recently PlayDapp was confirmed to have passed Ethereum 2.0 Validation. It’s an exciting step toward the future of PlayDapp and our interconnected blockchain ecosystem.

As we see the future of Ethereum getting closer and closer, we recognize that Ethereum 2.0’s launch is the beginning of its transformation into one of the world’s largest Proof of Stake protocol (PoS).

This pivot by Ethereum should radically improve scalability a continual point of pain for both us as developers and you as users.

Our completion of 2.0 validation is a great step, and you can check it out in all its glory here:

Why Ethereum 2.0 is so interesting.

The most significant change, for Eth 2.0 is this move to PoS, generally considered to be a more energy-efficient and more effective means of maintaining the overall network.

Basically, in PoS, one unit of value secures one unit of mining power for the validator, as opposed to Proof of Work (PoW) where one unit of mining is due to one unit of computational power. Both systems incentivize maintaining the network and ensure data on-chain cannot be tampered with.

The second main improvement is in the introduction of sharding, due later. This sharding means that only a portion of the nodes need to validate any given transaction, dramatically increasing the network’s throughput.

Ethereum has long been criticized for lacking scalability, holding it back from competing with legacy systems. Ethereum 2.0 will see a dramatic increase to the current 25 transactions per second (TPS) of Ethereum. For context a processor like Visa can handle about 1,500 TPS, Ethereum 2.0 will TPS increase in a very real way.

You can read more on Ethereum 2.0 here:

Why Ethereum 2.0 is so interesting for PlayDapp

For PlayDapp, Ethereum 2.0 represents a really interesting development. It’s no secret that we see the future of blockchain gaming as chain agnostic. However, it’s important that the chains that we do support are the best they can be. In an interconnected ecosystem, things like scalability are incredibly important. After all, nothing drops excitement faster than having to wait for that awesome new piece of gear to be recognized on-chain, so you can use it in another game.

At this time, Ethereum 2.0 has started well without any problems, and PlayDapp will continue to develop comfortable and well-functioning dApps, to take advantage of the benefits Ethereum 2.0 brings. — Ozzy Koh, Head of Technology, PlayDapp.

One of the most significant aspects of Ethereum 2.0 is its ability to work well in a lightweight environment. With PlayDapp’s experience and expertise in developing traditional mobile games, this is a great step. PlayDapp remains committed to developing dApps that fit our vision.



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