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Use this awesome guide to quickly get to grips with the PlayDapp MarketPLAce

Some images below were taken within test circumstances.

Connecting your wallet.
The first step you’ll need to take is to connect your wallet. The PlayDapp MarketPLAce is designed to work with METAMASK and portis. These two wallets will give you the best experience. Click on “Connect Wallet” in the top bar to begin.

Then choose the wallet you wish to use, or the wallet you use already and click connect.

Your chosen wallet will connect and run through the connection request to allow the wallet to interact and work with the PlayDapp MarketPLAce.

Once you’ve connected, you’ll be asked to validate an email address, this is necessary to allow things like offers to work correctly.

Additionally, when validating an email address, you’ll be prompted to agree to the marketplace’s Terms of Service and agree to market emails. Agreeing to emails lets you hear all about the awesome events and new listings.

After you’ve done that you’re free to explore the MarketPLAce in all its glory.

Our PlayDapp MarketPlace is stuffed full of NFT goodies. All of which can help you in your chosen game. Or if you’re looking to profit, all of our NFTs can help you boost your Cryptocurrency reserves.

Best of all, every single NFT can be purchased with PLA or ETH. Not only that but you can list any NFT in your collection for PLA or ETH. And as the list of NFTs grows in our MarkerPLAce you’ll get more and more choices on your journey of interoperability!

Don’t forget, as we’re in the introductory phase of our NFT marketplace, all developer/ creator fees are set to 0%.

Added to that, all listings and adjustments on price are free forever. Gas-free is the aim of PlayDapp, and after a one-time authorization gas fee that’s exactly what you get.

Searching — Find the NFT you want, easily!
The easiest is the classic marketplace wide search. Just use the search bar at the top of any page on the site to start finding that NFT.

Heck, it’ll even prompt you when you start typing, never have to worry about spelling again! (phew)

But what about if you’re looking at general game NFTs, rather than trying to find a specific NFT?

We’ve got it covered, after all with more games and experiences on their way you’ll need to be able to browse for boosters to your game!

That’s why in the buying area you’ll see the categories section. This is the best way to generally look at what’s out there. It’ll also be the best way to quickly check on the growing list of games and experiences that you can boost with an NFT.

Need some more granularity to your searching? The side-bar has you covered!

Filter in NFT by their asset type, or the currency it’s listed for. And for DozerFriends specific items you can also filter by star ranking! Helping you find those rarest of NFTs.

Of course, sometimes all that you need is the classic “show me the cheapest thing!” button. We get it, gotta find those deals!

So, we draw your attention to the item top bar on which you’ll see the super simple Sort Order dropdown. Letting you quickly sort all displayed NFTs by price. Helping you to marvel at that super expensive rare NFT or grab that bargain of an NFT.

Buying an NFT Item
Once you’ve decided exactly which NFT you want it’s incredibly easy to buy it. Just click the “Buy Now” button. Here’s an example from our recently listed League of Kingdoms items.

Once you click “Buy Now” you’ll get the completing the trade prompt box.

Agree to the request via your wallet to send the ETH. You can adjust gas fees, but the recommended setting suggested by the wallet is best.

Once all is agreed, you’ll be the owner of the NFT! Awesome.

Please note it can take time, depending on network conditions to complete the sending of the NFT.

Think the NFT is too expensive? Your in luck!

Making an offer
Once you’ve decided exactly which NFT you want it’s incredibly easy to make an offer. Just click the “Make an Offer” button and you’ll be taken to the offer page.

The “My Offer” area is really simple. All you need to do is decide what you will offer: PLA or W-ETH, the amount you’re going to offer, and the time in which the NFT owner has to accept the offer.

My Offer amount

In the top drop-down, you’ll be able to choose between PLA & W-ETH. Simply toggle the option to the one you want and then enter the amount you are prepared to pay. We’ve even made it super simple for you. You can’t enter an amount that is more than you have.

Offer Expiration

In the lower drop-down, you’ll be able to choose how long the offer will be open. We’ve shown them all at the same time in the image above just so you can see it in one go.

When it comes to how long you want to keep the offer open currently there are three options. These are One Week, Two Weeks, or One Month. If you want to see more flexibility in this, then get in touch, use any of our communities to reach out!

Once you’ve made your mind up about the amount and how long it’ll be valid for then hit that “Confirm Offer” button!

Submitting an offer
Once you hit that enticing “Confirm Offer” button, the fun begins.

The MarketPLAce will begin to authorize the account for the offer, at which point you should start receiving requests from your chosen wallets, you can see MetaMask’s process in the below screenshots.

just confirm and sign to let it all run smoothly.

Once you’ve authorized and signed, the PlayDapp MarketPLAce will handle the actual transaction automatically. You’ll be greeted with the confirmation screen

Now you know the basics! It’s time to get involved in an awesome competition with the PlayDapp MarketPLAce.



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