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PlayDapp Merge Function — Quick guide

Find out about PlayDapp’s merge function and its use for boosting NFT.

What is Merge? — The basics.

Merge makes your NFTs more valuable. Specifically, Merge will make your PlayDapp Town NFT (PLAYZ NFTs) more valuable. You’ve probably noticed that all of our PLAYZ NFTs have a rarity rank. Now, with Merge, you can upgrade them into higher ranks, all the way to SSR!

Why Should I Merge My NFT?

PlayDapp’s NFTs are intended to be interoperable. That’s our mission, and we are building a marketplace that connects different games, by letting you seamlessly use and trade your NFTs.

NFT from one game will unlock experiences from others. The higher the rank of the NFT the more rewarding it is when used interoperably!

PlayDapp Merge function

Merge, is PlayDapp’s standard merge function, that will always work and be available to merge and upgrade your NFT.

Merge requires 6 lower-rank NFTs. Combine these into one higher rank NFT. For example. six R grade PLAYZ NFT can become one SR grade PLAYZ NFT. Or six SR grade PLAYZ NFT can become one SSR grade NFT.

We’ve also got the “Joker” system which is a function where you can use a Dragon Blood NFT(DRGNZ NFT) in place of any R grade NFT, super useful if you don’t have a full set of six PLAYZ NFT!



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