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PlayDapp Partnering with The Sandbox

PlayDapp will provide marketplace services to The Sandbox for global users

Blockchain game service platform “PlayDapp” (CEO Brian Choi) announced on the 14th that it has signed a partnership with the blockchain game company “The Sandbox.”

The Sandbox is a community-led blockchain gaming platform that allows creators to benefit from their creations by monetizing their created assets and game experiences. Users can create their own Voxel games (using Voxel, 3D pixels in-game) and use the power of blockchain technology, to convert them to Non-Fungible Tokens, to keep ownership or generate profits from selling.

Through this partnership, PlayDapp will provide its PlayDapp MarketPLAce ( service, enabling global users to freely trade NFT items created in The Sandbox. Due for public beta in December this year, The Sandbox game, has a total of 166,464 virtual spaces, known as “LAND” in the game, and the scarcity and specificity of “LAND” is guaranteed through blockchain technology.

With this cooperation, the two companies will continue to work together to increase the utilization of irreplaceable tokens and to help users develop, own and monetize their own game experiences through PlayDapp’s Utility Token PLA and The Sandbox’s Utility Token SAND.

“We are pleased to sign a partnership with The Sandbox, which is showing great results with its proven service in the global market amid the re-emergence of blockchain NFT. We hope that this collaboration will further accelerate the popularization of blockchain game services.” said Chung Sang-won, head of PlayDapp’s business division

Meanwhile, PlayDapp launched, a C2C marketplace service with a global userbase in May. And is supporting the sale and exchange of NFT items created by its first-party games CryptoDozer and DozerBird. Recently, PlayDapp agreed a partnership with NOD Games’ flagship game ‘League of Kingdoms’ and signed a contract for the game to enter

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